Dexter Revival will not be set in Miami


The expected Revival de Dexter preparing Showtime will be set in New York, which indicates that he will not return to Miami will not be a “lumberjack” from Oregon going forward.

As reported in Uproxx (via Deadline), we know that the mini-series will be set in the aforementioned great city due to the details of the new cast members.

Dexter Returns: How the Revival Could Redeem the Disappointing Ending

Julia Jones (The Mandalorian) will play Angela Bishop, the “first Native American chief of police in New York.” Johnny Sequoyah will play Audrey, Angela’s reckless daughter. Alano Miller will play Logan, an “Iron Lake Police Department sergeant” and assistant wrestling coach at the local high school. Jack Alcott will be Randall, with whom Dexter will have an important confrontation.

These new features do not include the return of other characters beyond Michael C. Hall as Dexter, but we can always expect surprises for fans.

The 10-episode revival will premiere in 2021 and will begin production in Massachusetts next month.

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