DGCA allowed to do photography and videography during air travel, but will not be able to do this work now

new Delhi: The aviation regulator DGCA made clear on Sunday that passengers can take photographs and make videos inside the aircraft. However, they cannot use such recording devices that cause chaos, disrupt flights, violate safety rules or be banned by crew members. Earlier, on Saturday, the regulator had said that if anyone is found taking photographs inside the aircraft, the scheduled flight will be suspended for two weeks. Also Read – Gyms-Yoga Center Reopen in Delhi: Gym and Yoga Center to open in Delhi between Belgaum Corona from today

Two days ago, the Directorate General of Civil Aviation asked the airline to take appropriate action during a Chandigarh-Mumbai flight of Indigo (Indigo Air line) by media persons for violating safety norms and not following social distance norms. Actress Kangana Ranaut was also in that flight. Also Read – Will Kangana campaign for BJP in Bihar, know BJP’s answer

According to the video of the incident during the flight on September 9, the reporter and camera persona shook up to take Ranaut’s remarks. At that time, Ranaut was sitting on the front row seat of the aircraft. Also Read – ‘Kangana Ranaut Fabric Saree’ now comes in the market, people buying continuously, know what is special

The DGCA clarified in its order on Sunday that according to the circular issued on December 9, 2004, eligible passengers traveling in the aircraft can take photographs and make videos inside the flight, while flying and landing below it.

The order states, “However, this approval will not allow the use of any type of recording equipment that threatens air safety, violates existing regulations or causes chaos, or adversely affects the operation of aircraft.” Or its crew member has forbidden its use. It has been said in the order that action can be taken against those who are found to be in violation of the guidelines.

The order of Sunday is an explanation of the order given on Saturday. Saturday’s order said, “It has been decided that if the rules (photography) are violated in the scheduled passenger aircraft, the flight concerned on that route will be suspended for two weeks from the next day of the incident.” ”

Saturday’s order said that no person is allowed to take photographs inside the aircraft under Rule 13 of the Airplane Regulation 1937. Photographs can be taken only after the approval of DGCA or Ministry of Civil Aviation. According to DGCA rules, airline nuisance passengers can be put on the ‘Flight Barred List’ for some time after internal investigation.

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