Diablo IV game officially announced at BlizzCon with substantial information


At BlizzCon this year, the announcement for Diablo IV was made. Although it is still early, Blizzard had made sure to release a substantial amount of following information about the game. Blizzard also shared a tad of conceptual art that displays the dark and haunted path that the game is directed to. The company also made sure to disclose some of the artwork out of the five regions that are included in the game along with the different classes, enemies, and more. The first region is of Scosglen.

You can have a look at the realm of the Druids, which is a place where the savage nature has been held. The werewolves wander around in the forests, while a new foe is being introduced as well known as the Drowned waits that will be present along the shores.

The next scenario is of the Fractured Peaks. This is a region covered with snow, which houses an order of monks that take shelter from the frigid climate and the harsh weather. Deep below, you will find some dark, stirring things. And you will have the view of the concept art of Hawezar.

You can even have a look at the different classes that Blizzard has revealed so far. Finally, when the game is about to release, there will be a total of five levels; but, as of now, we are informed about the Sorceress, Druid, and Barbarian. You can also have a look at the concept of the art that is being used in the preparation of the game.

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Diablo IV has made sure to do justice to the concept of serving the powerful heroes with powerful opponents. Bestial Goatmen Herds are parading through the wilds that encroach the civilization. After appearing in Diablo II Lord of Pain and Duriel, who is one of the Lesser Evils is again making an appearance in Diablo IV. The prime antagonist of the Diablo IV game is the Queen of Succubi renowned by the name of Lilith.

According to Blizzard, the release date of Diablo IV has not been decided yet. Also, the game will not be released anytime soon. But, whenever the game will be released, it definitely will be available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC as well. Follow up on the latest updates and news to learn more about Diablo IV.


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