DICE LA is working on a new Battlefield


Los Angeles-based DICE is already working on a new installment of Battlefield, according to has said the director of the study, Justin Wiebe.

As revealed in VG247, Wiebe responded that he is excited to be working on the franchise. After good numbers with Plants vs Zombies, Skate and Apex, Wiebe added that “it’s a Battlefield”, confirming that DICE’s Los Angeles team is working on a new game in the Battlefield shooter saga. He hasn’t given many details, but he does celebrate a return to the “class” -based shooter.

DICE LA once worked supporting the development of the Battlefield saga, but last January 2020, Vince Zampella, CEO of Respawn, took over the Los Angeles-based studio. At the time there was already talk that there were plans to change the studio’s name and release an original game not revealed to date, but it seems that they are actually focused on Battlefield. Of course, the Los Angeles team could be split in two, working on both at the same time.

In a subsequent tweet, Wiebe showed his enthusiasm for the project. “It’s great to work on a game I’ve been in love with for 20 years. The 1942 sandbox style was spectacular for its time,” said Wiebe. “I look to the future and hope to know what you want from a Battlefield game in the future.”

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It has not been clear if it will be a game from the Battlefield universe or if it will be the launch of the saga that we expect for 2021, which EA had already talked about, which is supposed to take advantage of the power of the new consoles.