Did you know … Jeff Bezos, the world’s richest man, ever used to sell old books


Jeff Bezos: Jeff Bijos, the founder and CEO of AMAZON, has been declared the richest person in the world, whose earnings have crossed $ 200 billion. On Wednesday, his company’s shares reached record levels and he became the richest person in the world. But do you know that Jeff Bezos started the Amazon company in a garage with only 3 computers. Bezos himself created online sales software. Also Read – Jeff Bezos, CEO of AMAZON, the richest, becomes the first person to have assets of $ 200 billion

Jeff Bezos’ parents gave three million dollars, which led to Amazon’s debut and the first sale of old books on Amazon. Quitting the job, Jeff Bezos founded his company in July 1994 and started it in 1995. Jeff wanted to name Amazon at Kadebra.com, but three months later he changed the name to Amazon.com. Also Read – This is true…. Now you can buy Gold from Amazon too! Gold is also available for 5 rupees here

Jeff Bezos first started selling old books on his website on 16 July 1995, his website started as an online bookstore, but later Amazon also started selling DVDs, software, electronics, clothing. In the first month, Amazon sold books in 50 US states and 45 other countries. Also Read – Amazon Prime Day Sale: huge discounts on smartphones to large electronic goods, see list of offers here

At that time, books had to be packed on the knees and had to go to deliver the parcel itself. Bezos’ hard work paid off and by September 1995, sales of $ 20,000 a week began.

In November 2007, Amazon launched the Amazon Kindle name in the e-book reader market, through which the book could be downloaded and read immediately, which earned the company huge profits. It was very convenient for customers.

In the speech given on completing high school, he mentioned the idea of ​​building a colony in space. He earned a degree in Electrical Engineering Bachelor in Science from Princeton University in 1986.


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