Did you know there was an Among Us 2 in the works? Its authors explain how it would be


Innersloth announced the cancellation in 2020 to focus on bringing more content to the original game.

The tremendous success that Among Us enjoyed during 2020 has rarely been seen with other video games of that size. The title of Innersloth it had launched a couple of years earlier and suddenly, thanks in large part to content creators, it had millions of players; so many that its creators decided to cancel the second part to focus on bringing more content to the original game.

Now, some time later, Innersloth developers have participated in a question and answer session on Reddit, leaving us more details on what they had in mind for Among Us 2of which they assure that it was only in the planning phase and the development itself did not begin.

Items could be picked upThe first thing that Puffball, co-founder and designer of the game, highlights is that the second part was going to change the formula a bit known, including new mechanics focused on, for example, making impostors have to use a specific weapon to kill or implement the mechanic of picking up objects.

Among Us

He assures that the game would have become much more complicated to play due to the fact that it had many more things. Also, the maps were going to be bigger than in the first installment, making it clear that the main plans were for the game to have more of everything in all its features.

Without many more details about it, what is clear is that we are left without him in exchange for keep improving Among Uswhich has its update roadmap set for this year on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, Nintendo Switch, iOS and Android, in addition to collaborations with other popular games on the market.

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