Died by Covid-19 Gerardo Valtierra, former sports commentator for Televisa

Gerardo Valtierra (Photo: Twitter @ g_valtierra)
Gerardo Valtierra (Photo: Twitter @ g_valtierra)

Journalist Gerardo Valtierra passed away this Sunday, February 28 due to complications derived from the coronavirus.

In social networks, the journalist Javier Alarcón reported: “Gerardo Valtierra has passed away this morning. A family man and good values. A professional sports journalism. DEP, buddy. The virus is still here and it continues to split families ”.

It should be noted that Gerardo Valtierra reported on February 18 who had caught the coronavirus. On Twitter, he wrote: “I find that I am finally positive about something! I find out that I tested positive for COID-19. I trust the doctors, the science, the care of my wife and my daughters. If someone has a good wish, welcome ”.

On February 23, Javier Alarcón announced that the journalist was admitted to the General Hospital of Mexico and that donors were required.

(Photo: Twitter @ marianavalt)
(Photo: Twitter @ marianavalt)

And on the afternoon of Saturday February 27, Alarcón shared that his friend and former Televisa colleague had been intubated because he had breathing difficulties, so he asked his followers to pray for Gerardo.

After hearing the unfortunate news, his friends, colleagues and former footballers expressed their condolences for the sports journalist’s family.

Alberto Lati, journalist and writer, shared on social networks: “It hurts me enormously to learn of the death of Gerardo Valtierra. Nor I can find words to describe this sorrow and give comfort to her family. Friend, partner, Atlanticist, accomplice of dreams for so many years on Televisa, survivor of an earthquake ”.

I deeply regret the death of my dear friend and colleague Gerardo Valtierra. May God offer consolation and prompt resignation to their family members, ”wrote journalist Heriberto Murrieta.

(Foto: Twitter@g_valtierra)
(Foto: [email protected]_valtierra)

Sportscaster Gerardo Liceaga highlighted that the sports journalist as a “honest man, clear, hardworking, great son, father and husband. My friend of the soul. Rest in peace. I love you namesake ”.

Raúl Sarmiento, sports journalist, mentioned: “Today I have a very sad awakening, when I learned of the death of Gerardo Valtierra, who could no longer deal with this damn creature. We lived together for many years, we lived good and bad, to his daughters, his wife, family and friends in general, my deepest condolences. RIP”

With 32 years of experience in the media, Gerardo was a field reporter at soccer matches, as well as an analyst and chief information officer at Televisa. In the same way, he witnessed international competitions such as World Cups of Soccer and Olympic Games.

The employment relationship at Televisa ended in 2016. Since then, Valtierra Gutiérrez has dedicated himself to independent journalistic coverage of sporting events.

(Foto: Twitter@g_valtierra)
(Foto: [email protected]_valtierra)

Gerardo Valtierra will also be remembered for being one of the people who survived the earthquake of 8.1 Richter degrees that shook the Mexico City in 1985.

During the earthquake, Valtierra was in the Televisa Chapultepec facilities, a building that collapsed in just four minutes after the accident was registered. After 30 to 40 minutes, the young reporter crawled through the holes in the rubble where he could pass and He managed to find a small space where he managed to get out and see the light again.

Juan Dosal, one of the survivors and members of the sports information team, witnessed the departure of Valtierra. Seeing it with only a few scratches, he assured, also lived one of the most joyous moments on that historic date.

Despite having fractured fingers, he decided join the rescue efforts of his colleagues at Televisa.


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