Diego Maradona Jr. recounted how was the last talk with his father and told what he always repeated after years without having ties

Diego Jr. remembered his father and spoke about his last conversations (Photo: EFE)
Diego Jr. remembered his father and spoke about his last conversations (Photo: EFE)

The voice of Diego Maradona Sinagra from Italy is between short. He seems to force himself before each answer so as not to break his speech and plunge into tears. The pain over the death of his father is still present and more in him, who still could not travel to Argentina to fire him due to the different restrictions that prevail in the world due to the coronavirus.

From Naples, where he is currently working on a radio station as a commentator for the city team and also directs a category of an important football school there, he recalled the last talks with his father and also opened the doors to the intimacy of the relationship with him. “After she had surgery, Jana made me a video call the next day. I was able to chat, I saw it well. He made jokes to me like always. We laughed a lot. The last joke was that he told Jana: ‘Look at your brother’s head’. I keep in my heart the extraordinary anecdotes and those moments that I was able to share with him, “he said in an interview with the program. How’s it going? (Radio Colonia).

“Later I caught Covid, I was hospitalized and in those days I could no longer communicate. When I was hospitalized, what happened happened”, He revived in reference to November 25, 2020.

Diego Jr. is 34 years old and is the oldest of the legendary soccer player’s descendants. However, he spent many years without having a link with Maradona and that marked their relationship. In the note that he gave, he told what was the pain his father had for what happened in all the years that passed without having a connection: “He always spoke, and for what we lived in the past, he always asked me for forgiveness for what happened in our life. I one day tell him: ‘Pa, I don’t want you to ask me for forgiveness, do you know why? There is nothing to ask for forgiveness. Things happen in all families that cannot be explained. I am not interested in the past. I want the future. ‘ And I like to keep thinking like that. Although he is not physically, I with him will always have a bright future because our hearts are connected. He is eternal ”.

Diego Maradona Sinagra recalled the last conversations with his father
Diego Maradona Sinagra recalled the last conversations with his father

Maradona Jr. confessed that he still “has a record” of talking about his father because he “misses him a lot”. “All the advice, the day to day, the times I talked to him about everything: football, life … I lost a fundamental person in my life. It costs, one suffers … ”, he said.

The physical loss of Diego Armando Maradona was felt in all parts of the world, but the epicenter of the pain was in Naples, that city that adopted him as a kind of deity: “It is like that a part of the hearts of all Neapolitans went out. There is a before and after. My old man was the best of all time; but it was the best of all time in Napoli and that’s different. My old man was the biggest in Napoli, which is a magical city. Before I met my old man in football, it was a team that always fought downhill, mid-table, and suddenly we became a huge team. There are people who see me and cry, they remember my old man. That is the most beautiful thing that my old man left ”.


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