Diego Schwartzman, in Australia: “Being in a world without masks, without coronavirus, is practically unreal”

Diego "Small" Schwartzman in an Australia different from the rest of the countries (@dieschwartzman)
Diego “Peque” Schwartzman in an Australia different from the rest of the countries (@dieschwartzman)

The ATP Cup, the tournament that competes with the Davis Cup and which faces the best tennis players and countries on the planet, serves as a prelude to the Australian Open, the first Grand Slam of the year. However, this contest is also allowing the athletes who traveled to the Australian city of Los Angeles to live a different reality than that experienced in most of the planet. Melbourne.

Every tennis player who went to the oceanic country had to undergo a quarantine; Although depending on the case, some were stricter than others, as happened to those players who arrived on flights with positive cases of Covid-19. However, after waiting 14 days in their rooms and taking tests every day, tennis players currently enjoy atypical freedom in the rest of the planet: they train normally and move around the city without wearing chinstraps.

Although throughout the process it was one of the most critical, Guido Pella did not hide his happiness. “We went out without a chinstrap, the truth was that it was worth it. We ate one … the one from King Kong. But just, after almost a year, I was 20 centimeters from a person I do not know without a mask. The feeling of freedom will not be exchanged for anything in the world. I think it is the most important thing there is. Now to enjoy a beautiful city ”, commented the Bahian on his social networks.

Now his compatriot joined Diego Schwartzman. ”Those of us who did not have the situation that Guido (Pella) or the other 70-odd players with the hard quarantine went through, which was another reality, we were able to leave, we had a good time beyond a few days with ups and downs. Being in a world without a mask, without coronavirus, is practically unreal”, Confessed the number 9 of the world in the previous to his duel against Daniil Medvedev (he fell 7-5 and 6-3).

And then, he added at the official tournament press conference: “I would like to live in Australia for a couple of months if I could (laughs). Here they handled the situation well, and being able to enjoy walking the street freely is spectacular”. The Small He is accompanied by Martiniano Orazi (physical trainer) and Eugenia De Martino (his partner), while his coach, Juan Ignacio Chela, was unable to travel.

Pella’s feelings when not wearing a chinstrap

Maximum GonzálezFor his part, he also focused on this issue in a press conference: “After the quarantine, we enjoyed the city. We had dinner together. We were able to enjoy the city, (do) some tourist (activities). I think it’s good to go back to normal life”. Australia had a total of 28,824 cases and 909 deaths. The state of Victoria, whose capital is Melbourne, has not registered new local cases of Covid-19 for more than 20 days.

Your partner in doubles, Horacio Zeballos, contributed the importance of having an audience in the stands during the contest: “It’s going to be a nice feeling to have an audience again. Especially here in Australia, the people are always very friendly. We will surely enjoy each game every time we take to the pitch ”. As of February 8, at the Australian Open, there could be between 25,000 and 30,000 spectators per day.

The other side of this issue was the process that some tennis players like Pella had to go through, who arrived in Australia on a flight where a case of coronavirus was detected and had to go through a strict quarantine that generated the fury of several athletes: “Imagine that our room has not been cleaned for a week, miraculously they give us towels and the food is made of cardboard. We couldn’t get a clean sheet of paper … But hey, we’re still strong (put it on it) ”, he even published on his networks while he was going through that process.


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