Differences between two brothers over mother’s last rites, one son buried and the other burnt


Thane: Few years ago, the differences between two of her sons over the last cremation of a woman who had converted to Christianity increased and both were not ready to back down and then one son did the last cremation of the mother according to Christianity, while the other son signified According to Hinduism. Also Read – In the new cases of COVID-19, Delhi left Maharashtra behind, including Mumbai, such figures are worrying

A woman who had converted to Christianity a few years ago in Palghar, Maharashtra, was recently buried by one of her sons, while her second son cremated her symbolically. Also Read – Dispute over Love Jihad, demand for law making in Bihar, Maharashtra said – we do not need

While giving information on Saturday, the police said that the incident happened two days ago in Avande village of Wada tehsil in Palghar district. There was a dispute between the two sons of the deceased woman about how to perform her last rites. One son is Christian, while the other son is Hindu. Also Read – Maharashtra government may stop trains and airlines for Delhi, Principal Secretary’s big statement

Deputy Inspector of Police Dilip Pawar said, “65-year-old Phulai Dhabade died on the night of 18 November. She, her husband Mahadu and younger son Sudhan became Christians a few years ago, while her elder son Subhash preferred to remain a Hindu. “

Pawar said, “After the death of the old lady there was a dispute between the brothers about how to do their last rites. An unusual situation arose because each of the two brothers insisted that their mother be cremated according to the religion he followed. “

A large number of villagers gathered, but neither of the two brothers was ready to retreat. Seeing the seriousness of the situation, the police Patil (coordinator between the police and villagers) reached the Wada police station and told the whole thing there. After this, police officer Sudhir Sankhe arrived in the village and he discussed with the family members. It was decided that the woman should be buried according to Christian tradition. Then Parthiv Shariva was buried on Pachu Island near Vasai. Pawar said, but the second son was not ready to accept. He performed the symbolic cremation by placing a doll on the pyre.


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