Diggstown Season 5 Expected Release Date: Is it Renewed or Canceled?


The fifth season of the courtroom drama Diggstown will air in the near future. The plot of the programme centres around Marcie Diggs’ life. Marcie makes her career as a highly capable corporate attorney.

She had a great life and was prosperous. She was attached to her aunt Rolanda, and the two of them often went surfing. Rolanda managed Jameson House, where she was employed. It was discovered that the children that attended there were sexually molested. While Rolanda was unaware of this, she continues to be held account

Diggstown Season 5: Is it renewed?

Sadly, CBC made the decision not to renew Diggstown for a fifth season. As a result, Diggstown is cancelled and won’t be shown again on CBC. We will update this page if the show’s status changes and CBC decides to bring Diggstown back for another season.

The cast of Diggstown Season 5

The first performer is Canadian actress Vinessa Antoine, who plays lawyer Marxie Diggs. Natasha Henstridge, a Canadian actress and model, plays Colleen MacDonnell, Marcie’s Legal Aid boss. The next actor is Canadian C. David Johnson, who plays Marcie’s coworker at Legal Aid, Regie Thomson. Later, Canadian actress Stacey Farber plays Pam MacLean, another employee of Legal Aid who works with Marcie. Brandon Oakes, an Akwesasne actor, plays Doug Paul, yet another employee of Legal Aid who works with Marcie.

Shailene Garnette, a Canadian actress and filmmaker, plays Iris Beals next. Afterwards, Canadian actor Tim Rozon plays the part of Carson Myers, a police officer who is familiar to Marcie. Next, we have Canadian actor Dwain Murphy, who was born in the Dominican Republic and plays Avery Mueller, another corporate attorney. The actor Mpho Koaho from Canada plays Percy Lincoln next. Finally, Ona Reeves is played by Canadian actress Kim Roberts. The cast of Diggstown is terrific, and they have done a fantastic job of perfectly embodying their roles in the film. All of the performers would have returned to their old roles if Diggstown had a Season 5.

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What Is The Storyline Of Diggstown?

Marcie Diggs’ story is followed in the television show Diggstown. Marcie, a lawyer, reevaluates her values after the death of her aunt. She collaborates with a group of untidy souls and cynics. They struggle with racism, poverty, and other difficulties while attempting to seek justice for their varied clientele.

Floyd Kane is the author of the television show Diggstown. Vinessa Antoine, Natasha Henstridge, C. David Johnson, Stacey Farber, Brandon Oakes, Shailene Garnett, Tim Rozon, and Dwain Murphy are among the actors who appear in it. Priscilla White, Floyd Kane, James Battiston, Lynn Coady, Sean Grady, Caleigh Bacchus, Ellen Vanstone, Lisa Codrington, Andrew Burrows-Trotman, Wendy Motion Brathwaite, Amber-Sekowan Daniels, Lakna Edilima, Brenda Geenberg, and JP Larocque are among the writers of the Diggstown television series.

There are a total of six episodes in the first season of Diggstown, with the names Willy MacIsaac, Renee Joy, Taisir Ahmed, Delroy Nelson, Nikki LeBlanc, and Kim Bond. Six episodes overall, Vince Hu, Cheryl Battiste, Willy MacIsaac Redux, Tanya Ivanova, Vi Bayley, and Dani Ewing, are part of Diggstown Season 2.

Eight episodes totaling Nina Francis, Jojo Carvery, Percy Lincoln, Enter Vivian Jefferson, Ivy Maloney, Miles Jones, Christian Spry, and Riley Seaver can be found in season two of Diggstown.

What to Expect From Season 5 of Diggstown?

Season 2 of the popular television programme Diggstown is eagerly anticipated by viewers. Viewers are eager to find out what happens next after the fourth season had them on the tip of their seats. With more surprises and twists than the previous season, Season 4 is anticipated to be even more dramatic. Viewers may anticipate new faces as well as the return of their beloved favourites.

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Diggstown Season 4 Review

The CBC finally got it right. This programme is current because it deals with issues that are pertinent to the present. One of the programmes looked at a First Nation woman’s experience in our society and how she was handled. Having a male lawyer who is part of a First Nation and who comprehends her viewpoint is also helpful; even though their social and economic positions are quite different, they both value the truth and honour in the same ways.

One of my favourite seasons of this show was the prior one! I made the choice to see the second season’s premiere, and I wasn’t disappointed! It is energising to see a programme with a Canadian setting and a sizable ethnic component.

where to watch Diggstown Season 5?

There are a number of well-known streaming platforms where you may watch the programme if you’re an international fan. The first three seasons of Diggstown are now streaming on Amazon Prime Video. On the CBC’s official website, you may watch the full programme live. Make sure you have a membership to one of the aforementioned streaming services if you want to watch the episode. The programme has a 6.4/10 IMDB rating. Diggstown is a fantastic programme that you should watch if you like Legal Drama television.

Is Diggstown Worth Watching?

Before beginning to watch the series, the audience evaluates it depending on how well it has been rated and what reviews it has gotten. Hence, if you’re interested in watching Diggstown, don’t hesitate and get started since it has earned many good reviews and high ratings on both IMDb and rotten tomatoes.