Digimon Survive remains undated, but reappears with a new trailer and a commitment to the adult audience


Bandai Namco guarantees a long adventure with several endings and dozens of Digimon to play.

After several weeks of silence after the confirmation of its third and last delay, we already have a new informational advance in the production of Digimon Survive, and it is positive. According to Bandai Namcoonce the studio change problems have been resolved, the development of the new video game of the anime saga returns to normal, although it is expected that it will take some time to confirm the release date.

Originally intended for Witchcraft, Digimon Survive is now the work of HYDE, a change of hands for Digimon Survive which, according to Kazumasa Habu-san, producer at Bandai Namco, involved redoing large parts of the game.

All this uncertainty prevented the Japanese company from offering advances on Digimon Survive. Until today, where Habu-san has wanted to answer the questions of the fans leaving great details about this survival RPG. Starting with a story divided into chapters that guarantees a more adult and dark plot which, he warns, may be partly “unpleasant” to anime fans.

A mix of visual novel with tactical battles

On a ratio of 7:3, Digimon Survive is mainly a visual novel, where there is an important space reserved for tactical battles. “In the conversational adventure parts, you progress through chats with the characters and the investigation of objects that can be found on the stage. In each chapter, we will encounter two situations during the progression: Free Expedition and Exploration.”

And their fights? As they are? Habu-san defines this part as traditional tactical battleswhere players can choose a maximum of 10 digimon – it varies depending on each confrontation – in classic turn-based fights, with the order of action determined by the speed of each of the creatures.

Digimon Survive

Returning to the story of Digimon Survive, it is divided into a total of 12 chapters, with up to three different outcomes depending on the path chosen by the player from the eighth episode. Thus, the producer estimates a minimum duration of 40 hours to complete a single route, and a maximum of 100 hours to unlock all three endings. As always, the exact video game count will depend on the user.

To finish, although the interview is much longer, Kazumasa Habu-san promises up to 113 digital monsters to deliver in the video game. Digimon Survive is expected to hit stores this year for PC and consoles.

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