Dino Crisis points to the PS Plus classics catalog, or does that indicate an oversight by PlayStation


Capcom’s dinosaur game appears on the Asian Store as a promotional image for the service.

The new PS Plus that lands these days in different territories throughout the world comes with a list of games with very varied proposals, although those who want to enjoy games of the PlayStation original With the Premium tier they miss some more titles with which they still have hope, since not all of them have been announced yet.

One of them is none other than Dino Crisis, the horror and dinosaur classic from Capcom which is not confirmed for the subscription service. However, numerous users from the Asian continent have been able to verify that an image of Dino Crisis appears in the Store to promote the new PS Plus.

Appears as the main image of the serviceIf it is not finally an error, this would indicate that the game is one of those selected to make an appearance in the classics catalog, since otherwise it would not be used as the main image of that section. Despite this, Dino Crisis does not appear when entering the list of classics from PS Plus Premium, although Regina is the protagonist of the section on PlayStation 5.

A couple of PS1 games have been confirmed to be added to Sony’s subscription service in recent days, so it’s not crazy to think that Dino Crisis end up confirming its inclusion sometime. Until then, we will have to settle for reimaginings of the classic or even waiting for Exoprimal, the new dinosaur installment that Capcom is preparing.

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