Dino Girl Gauko Season 3 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know


Dino Girl Gauko Season 3 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

When will the third season of Dino Girl Gauko be released? Will Netflix release a third season of Dino Girl Gauko? Maybe Dino Girl Gauko will get a second season or not?

Learn about the most recent, dependable information about the next Netflix season of Dino Girl Gauko. Check the status of the Dino Girl Gauko renewal or cancellation.

On November 22, 2019, Dino Girl Gauko premiered on Netflix. A 9-minute animated comedy/kids/fantasy television series called Dino Girl Gauko is presently in its second season. Netflix broadcasts Dino Girl Gauko every Friday.

Season 3 of Dino Girl Gauko has not yet been revealed. Netflix has not yet announced whether it will renew or cancel Dino Girl Gauko.

Given the current second season’s mostly good statistics, the consensus of critics and spectators, Dino Girl Gauko’s total score on IMDb, as well as television evaluations and ratings on Metacritic and Rotten Tomatoes, it seems that Season 3 of Dino Girl Gauko is imminent.

To find out the most recent status of the programme, you may also go to the official Dino Girl Gauko page one the Netflix website.

We will revise this page as soon as the Dino Girl Gauko’s real status is known and/or the expected release date is known. Keep checking for updates. We’ll keep you up to date!

Most TV series, if not all of them, have a very genuine dread of being cancelled. Undoubtedly, the axe will fall at some point, but WHEN?

We have the most recent information on the cancellation or renewal of Dino Girl Gauko thanks to our network sources and insiders.

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You can keep track of the cancellation or renewal of “Netflix series Dino Girl Gauko” with the help of our convenient tracker.

Avoid provoking her if you don’t want to confront a fire-breathing dinosaur. Well, the children’s anime series Dino Girl Gauko on Netflix, which was developed by Akira Shigino and scripted by Kimiko Ueno, revolves around a normal girl called Naoko who turns into a Kaiju once she loses her cool.

The programme, geared for children aged seven and above, was praised for its clever plots, outstanding animation, and underlying morals.

It thus comes as no surprise that it has so far covered two very successful seasons. Now the issue is, are we going to get a third season of Dino Girl Gauko? Let’s start addressing that issue right now.

Dino Girl Gauko Season 3 Release Date

Season 3 of Dino Girl Gauko has not yet been formally renewed by Netflix. As of July 2022, no date has been established for the premiere of the next season. This in no way implies that the performance is finished.

The programme could be on pause since the next season has not yet been made public or planned.

We’ll update this site as soon as additional details concerning the arrival of Dino Girl Gauko Season 3 become available.

Dino Girl Gauko Season 3 Cast

Dino Girl Gauko Season 3 might have the same voice artists as its previous seasons. Let’s meet the voice artists:

Naoko Watanabe / Gauko Naoko Matsui (Japanese) Corina Boettger (English)
Mom Chie Kōjiro (Japanese) Julie Ann Taylor (English)
Dad Chafurin (Japanese)  Christopher Swindle (English)
Halley Tomoyo Tomoyo Chujo (Japanese) Laura Post (English)
Keisuke Saito Kazue Ikura (Japanese) Ben Diskin (English)
KinPika Mari Mashiba (Japanese) Alex Cazares (English)
Babu Lisa Risa Nakamura (Japanese) Cassandra Lee Morris (English)
Kana Yui Toita (Japanese) Tara Sands (English)
Erika Karen (Japanese) Erika Harlacher (English)
Mr. R3 Takuro Hijioka (Japanese) Keith Silverstein (English)
Toshio Hiraga Sônosuke Hattori (Japanese) Johnny Yong Bosch (English)
Takashi Yamada Ryoko Shiraishi (Japanese) Bryce Papenbrook (English)
Mutchan Mutsuki Arisawa (Japanese) Stephanie Sheh (English)
Bibilian Hiroshi Kamiya (Japanese) Ben Diskin (English)

Dino Girl Gauko Season 3 Trailer

Dino Girl Gauko Season 3 Plot

On her first day of lessons at her new school, Naoko is late. However, she soon discovers that life is really challenging there.

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Naoko and her new friends meet the charming employee Toshio when they visit the butcher market for croquettes.

Chaos breaks out as the alien Bibilian shows around. Naoko finds she has a pimple beneath her nose the day before the school picture!

Since Kana does the same, they make an effort to hide them. But Naoko must also think about Gauko.

After having too many problems with eating, Naoko changes into Gauko. But then she realises that she cannot change back! Naoko’s classmate Takashi Yamada constantly invites her to participate in sports with him.

She doesn’t understand why she is so annoyed by him. Keisuke Saito gives Naoko guidance on how to keep her cool, telling her not to become angry all the time. The decision, meanwhile, irks Naoko’s pals.

No one can comprehend Naoko’s insane wrath despite the fact that she wakes over one morning she is already Gauko. Each of her pals apologises to her once in an attempt to win her affection.

Naoko with her mother decide to watch her father following work because of recent strange behaviour he has shown.

After hearing excellent news form a restaurant that provides fortune telling, Naoko visits Toshio’s shop. She may not be the only person, however, whose look matches their horoscope.

To keep the peace and track down offenders around the school, Keisuke Saito employs Dinosaur Police Gauko. She does, however, get pretty enthusiastic about her new role.

After meeting Leonard, her fellow mole, Naoko starts to think that a life underground might be the answer to all of her problems.

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When Gauko breaks Mr. R3, she and her friends take them to the shop fer repairs, where they learn that Toshio’s grandpa is the creator of Mr. R3.

Grandpa decides to assault Toshio because he thinks he can defeat Gauko. Gauko isn’t as powerful as she usually is when it comes to Robo-Toshio.

The aliens are instructed to return home after their attempt to conquer Earth failed. Naoko is happy to see Bibilian go as everyone offers them a send-off party.

Naoko is often complimented for doing inaction. She ultimately realises the truth: someone impersonating Gauko is out there. Naoko with her father are both guilty of forgetting her mother’s birthday.

They come up with a celebration strategy at the previous minute, but issues arise. Things are going disappearing all around town.

Naoko is not happy when she learns that these thefts are a component of Bibilian’s invasion plan.

Bibilian orders a copy machine with the intention of making Naoko clones in order to persuade Naoko to go on an evening with him.

Naoko is furious when she discovers the truth! After she earns yet another failing grade on a math exam, Naoko’s father decides to take up boxing as inspiration for her not to give up.

Mr. R3 abruptly blows up one day, and the class begins to investigate what transpired. They decide that everyone was a suspect fairly quickly.