Disney eliminates its annual pass due to park closure


We live in strange and difficult times, and if the other day we talked to you about vaccinations in the facilities of Disney, today we tell you that they have temporarily suspended (indefinitely) su annual pass program, since the limitations for the Covid-19 pandemic they could go on indefinitely in order to reopen the theme parks.

Disney has sent an email to those who have an annual pass and also through Twitter. Some IGN colleagues in the US have an annual pass, and they tell us that subscribers begin to receive the money back since the program is suspended until further notice.

The annual pass program is the theme park’s version of “access to the year”, something common among California residents and Disney fans. Depending on what we buy, we will have access to one or two of the Disney parks year-round, with certain exceptions. It also brings a discount on Disney merchandising.

In addition, as we told you, Disney has offered its resort facilities to create a large-scale vaccination center, a measure that no one could imagine when thinking about the evolution of the pandemic.

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