Disney + unveils 10 new European original series


Disney+ has a clear strategy regarding Europe with original series with 10 projects, including the first with its new acquisition: the Star brand.

At the international level, they have announced 50 international projects between now and 2024 that will accompany heavyweights such as The Mandalorian and Scarlet Witch and Vision. For now, there are already projects with France, Italy, Germany and the Netherlands. Something will also be announced with the UK soon, but we’ll see what it’s all about.

For now, we are going to see a mixture of dramas, comedies and documentaries, although all Disney + projects have a focus for the whole family, although Star’s are focused on the most adult, as it was already visible with the repertoire of novelties and additions to the brand.


  • Parallels (Disney +): From creator Quoc Dang Tran (Marianne, Nox) and written by Anastasia Heinzl, is a Disney + original fantasy series that follows four teenagers, whose life takes a dramatic turn when a mysterious event disperses the group into different parallel dimensions. They will do their best to understand what happened and go home. This adventure, full of mystery and suspense, is produced by Empreinte Digitale (Raphaël Rocher and Eric Laroche) and Daïmôn Films (Quoc Dang Tran).
  • Oussekine (Star) – A four-part Star Original mini-series, which recreates the shocking true events of December 5, 1986, surrounding the death of young student Malik Oussekine. The series, which focuses on her family’s quest for justice, will explore the great impact the case had on French society. Oussekine is created and directed by Antoine Chevrollier (Baron Noir, the Bureau des Légendes). Faïza Guène, Julien Lilti and Cédric Ido are the scriptwriters.
  • Weekend Family (Disney +): is a funny comedy that tells the life of a family of separated parents that meets every weekend. But when the father begins a relationship with a new partner, the weekends take an unexpected turn. Weekend Family is produced by Elephant Group. Baptiste Filleul (LA FORET) es el creador y está escrita por Nour Bensalem, Géraldine de Margerie, Julie-Anna Grignon, Marion Carnel and Paul Madillo.
  • Soprano: Sing or Die (Star) – A Star Original documentary series, offering unique and exclusive access to one of France’s most popular artists as he and his team prepare for a massive multi-stadium tour during the summer of 2022. The series tells the story story of Soprano and his friends from their humble beginnings in Marseille to their current success.
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  • The Good Mothers (Star) – Offers a twist on the crime genre – this is the mafia seen entirely from the perspective of women. Juliette Howell (You, Me, and the Apocalypse, Birdsong) and Tessa Ross of House Productions (Brexit: The Uncivil War) are executive producers of this Star Original series for Disney +, alongside Mario Guanani and Lorenzo Gangarossa of Wildside. It is written by BAFTA winner Stephen Butchard (Central Baghdad) and based on the book by renowned HFPA journalist Alex Perry. The series tells the shocking true story of three women who were raised in one of the clans of the richest and most dangerous Italian mafia and how they worked with a brave lawyer to bring him down. They must fight with their own families for the right to survive and build a future for their children.
  • Boris (Star) – A fun “show within a show” format that previously spawned three seasons and one movie. Set behind the scenes of a fictional low-budget medical series, “The Eyes of the Heart,” this new season reunites the original cast. They will soon discover that the world of television has changed. Social networks, influencers and the various streaming platforms are the ones that rule now. How will our protagonists face this new world? Boris is produced by The Apartment, a Femantle company.
  • The Ignorant Angels (Star): a romantic drama inspired by the Italian blockbuster Le Fate Ignoranti (The Ignorant Fairy), is a series by Turkish-Italian director Ferzan Ozpetek. When Antonia Massimo’s husband dies in a traffic accident, he discovers that he has been involved in an affair with a man named Michele. The news leaves her devastated, but Antonia finds herself embroiled in an unexpected and endearing friendship with Michele and her group of eccentric friends. The Ignorant Angels is produced by R&C Productions.
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  • Sam – A Saxon (Star): A drama based on a true story, has begun to unfold. Big Window Productions produces this series based on the true story of Samuel Meffire, East Germany’s first black policeman. The series tells how Meffire became a media idol and a symbol of a modern society after reunification in 1990. But a few years later, he himself ended up in jail as an enemy of the state. Sam – A Saxon is produced by Emmy winner Jörg Winger (Deutschland 83) and Tyron Ricketts.
  • Sultan City (Star): German black comedy from production companies Ayla Gottschlich and Aysel Yilmaz and screenwriter Ipek Zübert, tells the story of the respectable matriarch of a Turkish-German family who accidentally becomes the head of a criminal underworld and discovers that both she like his daughters, they have extraordinary talent for business.


  • Feyenoord Rotterdam (Star): Produced by Lusus, this popular football club has opened its doors to show us what happens off the field.

Source: Deadline