Disneyland to change Jungle Cruise attraction as racist


Disney has announced that they will Modify or “update” (according to the brand itself) its attraction “Jungle Cruise“(Jungle Cruise) at Disneyland and Disney World after receiving criticism from racists for years for its depiction of other cultures.

Walt Disney has shared a very special version of the rivers at Disneyland in California and Walt Disney World in Florida. The changes that are coming are going to be better and “reflect the value of the diversity of the world around us.”

“The creatives are working with the negative descriptions of the natives and adding a comical plot that follows the adventure of the ships, their passengers and everything that happens.” Disney said in a statement from USA Today’s Michele Himmelberg that “guests will find this group of adventurers most charged with diversity.”

According to the attraction blog, it will include “new adventures that will be realistic with the experience we already know and love, with more humor, wildlife and emotions.”

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