Disney’s Haunted Mansion Is Aiming For A $30 Million Opening


Disney’s Haunted Mansion Is Aiming For A $30 Million Opening:

When Disney’s version of “Haunted Mansion” comes out in theaters on Friday, it will be up against something much scarier compared to the scary ghosts that live in the movie.

This enemy would be “Barbie” as well as “Oppenheimer,” which have been beating box office predictions for the past week.

“Barbenheimer,” the name people have given to the two movies that can’t be separated, will be a big factor on the North American charts to be Disney’s new family movie tries to get to third place.

If you’ve been on the Haunted Mansion ride at Disneyland even once, you’ll know many of the key parts of the ride in the new Disney movie based on it.

And if you’ve been on it more than once, you’ll have trouble keeping up with the many Easter eggs in the movie that pay visual respect to its inspiration.

Producer’s Are Expecting The The Movie Can Make $30 Million From 3,700 Screens  Within North America On Weekend:

It is expected that “Haunted Mansion” will make between $25 million and $30 million from 3,700 screens in North America over the weekend.

It’s not an acceptable outcome for a big-budget movie aimed at kids, especially after “Barbie” and “Oppenheimer.” The only bad thing is that it cost so much.

Disney Spend $150 Million To Make This Movie:

Disney spend $150 million making the movie as well as tens of millions more promoting it. This means that “Haunted Mansion” has to make a lot of money to be profitable.

LaKeith Stanfield, Tiffany Haddish, as well as Owen Wilson are all in “Haunted Mansion,” which was directed by Justin Simien. It is not the same as the movie “The Haunted Mansion,” which came out in 2003 and had Eddie Murphy and an article in the title.

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As a not-so-precise comparison, “The Haunted Mansion” opened in theaters in a very different time and cost $24 million, not taking inflation into account. Even though critics didn’t love it, it made $180 million on a budget of $90 million.

And that’s about as much fun as individuals are going to have with Disney’s third attempt to bring the scary fun of the ride to the big screen, after the sad Eddie Murphy movie from 2003 and the fun Muppets Haunted Mansion streaming special from 2021.

Haunted Mansion lacks the laughs as well as scares that might have made it a possible blockbuster franchise such as the Pirates of the Caribbean movies.

It makes you wonder how much better it could have been if Guillermo del Toro, who initially was connected to the project, had stayed involved in the creative process.

The reboot was also met with mixed reviews, and it was based on a ride at Walt Disney World. In the story, a single mother as well as her son move into a house, only when they find out that it’s haunted.

They hire a diverse group of people, including a former paranormal detective, a priest, a psychic, and a professor, to keep the ghosts away. The rest of the group is made up of Dan Levy, Jamie Lee Curtis, as well as Jared Leto.

This Movie Came Out In 2,300 Theaters Within US:

When it comes out in about 2,300 theaters throughout the U.S., “Talk to Me,” a violent film from A24, should make between $4 million and $5 million. Australian YouTube stars Danny as well as Michael Philippou are making their first movie together.

A24 bought the movie at Sundance and showed it at San Diego Comic-Con to get people excited about it before it came out this weekend. The story is about a group of companions who learn how to summon ghosts. It’s nothing but fun until a single of them lets out a scary ghost.

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As it is, Justin Simien’s movie is just a normal piece of entertainment that should be fine for kids who aren’t too picky and just want to have some silly summer fun.

Not that it doesn’t have artistic goals. Screenwriter Katie Dippold uses a main character who is haunted by memories of his most recently dead wife to try to make the story more emotional.

But the sad side story doesn’t fit well with the looks of characters like The Hat-Box Ghost as well as Madame Leota’s head without a body.

Ben, played by LaKeith Stanfield, is a former scientist who is now sad and drinks a lot because his wife, Alyssa, died. Father Kent, a modern priest who does exorcisms, talks to him after he makes a “spectral photography” camera to try to find her again.

Father Kent wants Ben’s help with a case featuring a widowed doctor, Gabbie, as well as her nine-year-old son, Travis, who have moved into a run-down house upon the outskirts of New Orleans that is, you got it, haunted.

When Ben gets to the house, he acts like he’s taking shots and then leaves as quickly as he can. But when spirits follow him residence to his run-down house within the French Quarter, he quickly starts to believe.

He and two other ghostbusters, Harriet, a flashy medium who provides psychic readings at bar mitzvahs, as well as Bruce, a Tulane University professor who specializes in haunted houses, end up living in the home for a while.

Start the expected chaos, with the production artists and people in charge of special effects doing their best to replicate the thrills as well as scares of the old theme park ride.

They do a good job and use a lot of cool CGI and real effects, but after more than two hours, it gets as boring as taking the same ride again and again.

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It doesn’t help that Stanfield and Dawson, who play the main characters, are both attractive but don’t have the comedic skills or material to make their boring characters more than story props.

DeVito, Haddish, as well as Wilson do much better. Wilson is especially funny because he reads his lines slowly, which is a nice contrast to the chaos going on around him.

But even these pros at making people laugh can’t save jokes like DeVito yelling “I’m too old to die!” while being pushed around by angry ghosts.

The movie has a lot of cameos, but they don’t do much. Hasan Minhaj, Marilu Henner, Jo Koy, Winona Ryder, as well as Daniel Levy are only on screen for a few seconds, which isn’t long enough to make an impression.

Curtis seems to be getting back in touch with her silly side after winning an Oscar for her role in Everything, Everywhere, All at Once. If you didn’t know that Leto was playing the Hat-Box the spirit, you wouldn’t be able to determine. Probably just the way he likes it.

In Its Second Weekend Barbie Took The Top Spot Once Again:

In its second weekend, “Barbie” will take the top spot again alongside anywhere from $65 million to $85 million. On the other hand, “Oppenheimer” hopes to make $35 million to $45 million more on its second trip.

What’s interesting here is that those sales would have been amazing even before the movie had been out for a week.

It’s a much-needed boost for theaters after flops like “The Flash,” “Indiana Jones as well as the Dial of Destiny,” as well as “Mission: Impossible Dead Reckoning Part One.”