Disney’s Soul dates its release in physical format


If you haven’t seen yet Soul, or if you want to have it in physical format, we have good news for fans of the latest Disney-Pixar. Directed by Pete Docter (Oscar winner, and whoever was in charge of Up and Del Revés) and for Kemp Powers (A Night in Miami), is produced by Dana Murray, the film will arrive in Blu-ray, DVD and Steelbook format on March 31st.

In addition, on March 23, it will be available in digital format. The success of Soul is indisputable, to the extent that at its premiere (at Christmas last year), it managed to unseat Wonder Woman 1984 in reproductions. So far it has only been available on the Disney + platform, where it can continue to be enjoyed.

Soul tells us the story of where souls are before the birth of human beings, and also their role once they have completed their mission on Earth. The premiere was scheduled differently, but the COVID-19 pandemic has made it reach digital platforms directly, without going through theaters, like many other recent premieres.

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