Djokovic’s family celebrated the tennis player’s release in Australia: “This victory is bigger than any Grand Slam”

Novak Djokovic's family held a press conference after the ruling that favored the tennis player in Australia (Photo by Pedja MILOSAVLJEVIC / AFP)
Novak Djokovic’s family held a press conference after the ruling that favored the tennis player in Australia (Photo by Pedja MILOSAVLJEVIC / AFP)

The Serbian’s Family Novak Djokovic He spoke for the first time after having obtained a ruling in his favor in the Australian courts. The arguments of the defense of the world’s number one prevailed in the case for the cancellation of his entry visa to the country under current covid-19 regulations. However, there are still chances that the authorities will make the decision to deport Nole.

Srdjan Djokovic, father of the tennis player, summoned the press in Belgrade, capital of Serbia, to give his first feelings after the court ruling that would allow his son to be present at the Australian Open from January 17.

“Novak is free, he is in Australia to win another Open. It has a medical exemption. He is the best player of all time and is following his principles and ideas, “he said. Djordje Djokovic, brother of the world’s number one.

Then the young man added: “We want to thank people all over the world. We have seen wonderful scenes with hundreds and hundreds of people. Truth and justice have prevailed. Thanks to Judge Kelly who paid attention to all the details and facts, thanks for being fair. “

He was also present at the conference Dijana Djokovic, The tennis player’s mother, who said: “We celebrate the victory of our son, who has done nothing wrong, has not violated any law and has been harassed. He has fought against the system because he knew he had a valid visa ”.

“It was very difficult at times since He didn’t have his cell phone and we didn’t know if he was sick or what was wrong with him. Any mother in the world can understand what I am saying ”, added the woman. He continued: “He couldn’t see people dancing and singing, but I could hear them and that helped him. It is the biggest victory of his career, bigger than any Grand Slam.”.

When it was his turn to speak, Nole’s father said: “Thank you to all the people in the world who have been fighting for freedom of expression. Many things have happened and it has been very difficult, but he is extremely strong mentally. He has always tried to help and maintained a good demeanor.

“This game has been going on for the last five days. Now let him play the game in which he is the best in the world. They took away his rights and tried to persuade him to sign the revocation of his visa. He refused because there was no reason for that, “he explained. Srdjan.

The man also gave more details of the moment in which his son was detained by the Australian authorities, who denied him entry to the country: “He was alone with them for several hours without access to a phone. When his cell phone was finally returned to him, he was able to contact his legal team and a very good job was done. We always respect the laws of each country we go to ”.

“The judge has been fantastic, he just respected the facts and made the only decision possible: let Novak do his job”, Stressed Srdjan, who also He thanked the leader of the ladder for the support shown by some of the great personalities of the world tennis circuit.

Was the judge Anthony Kelly, of the Federal Circuit Court of Melbourne, which ordered the Australian Government to implement the release order, hand over his passport and personal effects and pay the legal costs of Djokovic, who could play in the Australian Open. Nole He had been trusting the immigration center located in the old Park Hotel since Thursday, awaiting the resolution of the appeal presented by his lawyers after his permission to enter the country was revoked.

As reported by Australian Press Association (AAP), the decision to release Djokovic was made after the lawyers of the Minister of Internal Affairs, Karen Andrews, considered that the circumstances in which the tennis player’s visa was canceled “They were not reasonable under the circumstances.”


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