Do you know … how much tax is charged in GST, which goods do not have to pay GST ..


new Delhi : Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman will preside over the 41st GST Council meeting today through video conferencing. In this meeting, apart from Union Minister Anurag Thakur, finance ministers of states and union territories and senior officials of the central government and states will be involved. The meeting was earlier scheduled to be held in July itself, but due to Corona infection, the date of the meeting was changed. Also Read – Rahul Gandhi’s tweet, said- Defense Minister spoke for 2 hours, but could not answer 2 questions

The Finance Ministry said that the tax on the commonly used items like oil, toothpaste, soap, etc. has come down after the arrival of GST. Before GST, Goods and Services Tax, they used to attract 29.3% tax, which has now come down to 18%. Not only this, before GST, cinema is taxed from 35% to 110%, now it is 12-18% GST. It is believed that in today’s meeting, a decision can be taken to reduce the GST rate on 2-wheelers. Also Read – France rejects Rahul Gandhi’s allegations on Rafale deal

Know what everyday things have been kept in zero tax slab…. Also Read – The newspaper claims, Britain’s Defense Minister refused to meet Nirmala Sitharaman!

– Milk, curd, cheese – Many items of everyday use have been kept outside the purview of GST, things which are outside the purview of GST. They include butter milk, vegetables, fruits, bread, unpacked foodgreens, jaggery, milk, poultry, yogurt, lassi, unpacked cheese, unbranded flour, unbranded flour, unbranded gram flour, prasad, kajal, phoolbhari broom and salt.

There is also no GST on fresh meat, fish, chicken. Children’s work items and news papers – Children’s drawing and coloring books and education services also do not have to pay GST.

– There is no tax for buying Khadi clothes from clay idols, news papers, Khadi stores. Also, the government has also kept the health services under zero percent GST.

Sanitary napkins, stones, marble, rakhi, sal leaves, wood sculptures and handicraft items also have zero percent GST. Apart from this, tax on frozen vegetables was withdrawn last year. These products have now come under zero percent tax. Even books related to music have zero percent GST.

According to the Finance Ministry, when the GST was started, there were only 65 lakh assessees, which has now increased to Rs 1.24 crore. The GST was implemented on 1 July 2017, in which around 17 taxes were merged and reduced to one.


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