Do you lapra with a scarf? All wild encounters and debuts of new specimens


The water festival comes to Pokémon GO now that summer is near, however, we find that Lapras has decided to put on a scarf and besides, this is not the only specimen that has decided to make its appearance finding new debuts, therefore, in the following guide we leave you all the details of the event. Do not miss it!

Pokémon GO Guide: Water Festival in Pokémon GO

From the May 12 until the 20ththe Aquatic Festival will be available in which we can get new specimens such as Dewpider, Araquanid y Lapras with scarf. Yes, you have read correctly. On the other hand, we can also find Tapu Fini Already Binacle whom we can find in their form variocolor If we are lucky.

Challenges and investigations

During the Aquatic Festival proposed by Niantic, we can participate in a overall challenge in which we will collaborate with other Trainers to get Water-type Pokémon and which consists of the following:

  • global challenge: Catch 600,000,000 Water-type Pokémon
  • Global Challenge Bonus: Double Candy for catching Pokémon

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As for the research, the Season of Alola Special will be available on Tuesday, May 10, 2022, at 10:00, while the Temporary Research will be available throughout the event. If we complete it we will get 50 points of Gyarados Mega Energy, 1000 XP, 1000 Stardust and encounters with Scarfed Lapras and Dewpider.

Wild encounters during the event

Raids available during the event

These are the Raids available from 1 estrella:

These are the Raids available from 3 estrella:

5 Star Raids and Mega Raids

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Eggs during the event

Next, we leave you the copies that we can find if we open 7 kilometer eggs:


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