Do you miss the Platinum trophy on Xbox? The company wants to include its own version on its consoles


The company claims to be listening to the community and wants to reward the most dedicated players.

There are few sensations as satisfying as complete a game 100%, something with which we received a Platinum trophy on PlayStation consoles. However, we do not experience the latter with Xbox consoles, since the company rewards our having explored every corner of a title with 1,000g. Luckily, it is possible that this will change in the futureAfter an update on Xbox Series focused on accessibility and stability, the company has expressed its desire to create an own version of this trophy.

We have nothing to announce today, but it is definitely among our priorities.Jason RonaldThis was commented by Jason Ronald, Xbox’s director of project management, on the Iron Lords podcast, where he also announced that Xbox is looking for alternatives to FPS Boost. On this occasion, the professional has ensured that they are listening to the community and that, therefore, they study a way to include a trophy to celebrate 100% of a player: “The achievements are interesting because everyone plays differently. So we do think about how do we reward people for playing the way you want and the games you want? “

Xbox Series X

Ronald goes on to explain that “There are some players who simply prefer to play in multiplayer mode. What are we doing to reward them, show progression and things like that? “Something that adds to the goal of some players for completing a game 100%: “And then there are other people like me, who am a completist and want to complete everything within a game.”

Therefore, and after considering all these issues, Xbox is considering including a Platinum equivalent in the future: “We have nothing to announce today, but definitely is among our priorities as we continue to advance down the path before us. “After all, there are players who accumulate so many trophies that they manage to break world records, which is why it has become An important part of the game session.

In addition, Xbox is not the only company interested in achievements of the style, since Epic Games He had expressed his intention to include them in his video games, something he has already done with a few installments. On the other hand, there is no doubt that Xbox continues to look forward on its path, although it does not forget everything it has learned along the way and invites us to know all the anecdotes of its history in its recently released virtual museum, which we can access from free way.

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