Doctor Kafeel will remain in jail right now, Yogi government extended Rasuka’s period for three months

Lucknow: For the last six months, under the National Security Act (Rasuka), the period of keeping Dr. Kafeel Khan, who was in Mathura jail, in jail has been extended by three months on charges of making inflammatory speech. On August 4, an order issued under the signature of Vinay Kumar, Additional Secretary, Home Department, said that under Section 3 (2) of the National Security Act 1980, Kafeel Khan was detained on 13 February 2020 on the order of the Aligarh District Magistrate is. Under Section 10 of the Act, the case was referred to the Counseling Datri Council which has reported that there are sufficient reasons to keep Kafeel in jail, so on May 6, he was sent for three more months under Rasuka. Were ordered Also Read – All limits of humanity have been crossed in UP, 13-year-old girl was raped after her tongue was torn and her eyes were torn

According to the order, after considering the report of Uttar Pradesh Consulting Datri Council and the report received from the District Officer of Aligarh, Governor Anandiben Patel exercised her powers under Section 12 (1) of the Act for the period of detention of Dr. Kafeel. Has instructed to extend it for three more months. That is, he will be in jail till at least 13 November. Also Read – Murder, who was born, she returned after years, quote – I have come to see father or brother in jail or not …

Disgusted by this order, Kafeel’s wife, Dr. Shabista Khan, released a video and said what crime is being punished to her husband. When action was taken under Rasuka on Kafeel, he still had the same question with the government, what is the basis of this action? What danger can the doctor, who has served the people of the country in difficult times, face? Also Read – Honor Killing in UP: Girl called lover to visit home, family set fire, both died

He said, “Even today, my question is why rasuka has been imposed on Kafeel. The government has not been able to answer this till date. The duration of Rasuka’s service on them has been increased not one but three times. We have received the latest extension extension on August 14. “Shabista said,” The biggest question is, are we really free today? If we raise our voice today, then we are being put in jail. This is happening with my husband today, tomorrow it will happen to someone else’s husband or son. If you will not raise your voice for us today, tomorrow will not raise any voice for you. “

It is worth mentioning that Dr Kafeel Khan had come to the discussion in Gorakhpur Medical College in August 2017 in connection with the death of a large number of children due to lack of oxygen. Kafil, who was the nodal officer of the ward concerned at the time, was arrested on charges of negligence. He was later released.

Kafeel was arrested last January in Aligarh Muslim University for making inflammatory speeches against the amended citizenship law. In February, he was taken under action under Rasuka.

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