Doctor Who: Is there a hidden clue in the festive special title?


With months nonetheless to go till the airing of Doctor Who’s festive special (filmed earlier than the coronavirus pandemic), there’s nonetheless a lot we don’t find out about Jodie Whittaker’s winter return as the Doctor.

Will Bradley Walsh and Tosin Cole exit? Will John Barrowman’s Captain Jack Harkness play a half? And the way will the Doctor escape from Judoon jail?

For now, the solely factor we do know is what the special’s known as – Revolution of the Daleks. However apart from the tacit affirmation that the Doctor’s deadliest foes will likely be making an look, it’s potential there are another clues to take from the title…

From the second the episode title was revealed, followers had been fast to attempt to decode its that means. May the “revolution” apply to some sort of Dalek civil warfare akin to the one seen in the basic collection, and as hinted by leaked filming of an inter-Dalek battle? Or was there one other that means hidden inside?

When spoke to Dalek voice actor Nicholas Briggs a few months in the past, he informed us it was a “very apposite title” given the story.

“It matches completely. I can see why they’ve known as it that. However not in the method that you just’d suppose,” he stated – and whereas he wouldn’t give a lot else away, he did affirm that the title wasn’t any sort of pun involving “revolutions”, aka an occasion of Daleks revolving…

“I feel I can safely say that isn’t what occurs in the episode,” he laughed.

Nonetheless, past the dictionary definitions the selection of title has some attention-grabbing comparisons to be drawn with Doctor Who historical past. When “Revolution of the Daleks” flashed up on the display, some viewers had been fast to note the similarity to 1985 episode Revelation of the Daleks, which noticed Colin Baker’s Sixth Doctor caught up once more in the Dalek Imperial/Renegade civil warfare.

Throughout this conflict (which had its seeds sown in the earlier Peter Davison story Resurrection of the Daleks), two factions of Daleks loyal, one loyal to creator Davros and one other to the Supreme Dalek, battled for supremacy – and given the leaked filming of a Dalek-vs-Dalek conflict believed to be a a part of the new Jodie Whittaker episode, may the related titles trace that Revolution will comply with Revelation in key story parts as nicely?

After we put this concept to Briggs, he waved off any direct associations – “No I don’t suppose so,” he stated after we requested if the title was a “play” on Revelation of the Daleks – however he did be aware that the title had a wider precedent in the collection.

“It’s attention-grabbing isn’t it, as a result of there was that factor in outdated Doctor Who the place they began having plenty of Re-titles,” he stated, referring to Resurrection of the Daleks, Revelation of the Daleks and Remembrance of the Daleks.

“We’ve had [2019 New Year special] Decision and now Revolution [of the Daleks].”

Colin Baker and Nicola Bryant in Revelation of the Daleks (BBC)

Colin Baker and Nicola Bryant in Revelation of the Daleks (BBC)

Notably, regardless of starring totally different Medical doctors (particularly Peter Davison, Colin Baker and Sylvester McCoy) all three of those basic Re-titles adopted one story thread – totally different levels of the Imperial/Renegade Dalek Civil Struggle – and since then, no tales involving the Daleks have instantly adopted this naming conference.

Positive, we’ve had a few good “of the Daleks” titles in the new collection, like Asylum of the Daleks, Victory of the Daleks and 2007’s Evolution of the Daleks (which is just one letter away from the upcoming festive special’s title, funnily sufficient), and 2019 Dalek special Decision with out the “of the Daleks” suffix. However we haven’t had a “Re- of the Daleks” title since Remembrance – till now.

All of which is to say that in titling phrases, Revolution of the Daleks does appear to comply with Resurrection, Revelation and Remembrance – so is it potential that the story will likely be one thing of a sequel to that unofficial trilogy as nicely?

Give it some thought. The one Doctor Who episodes with this specific naming conference handled an inter-Dalek civil warfare – and the solely factor we’ve seen of this episode’s filming is a newer, 2019-era “Recon Dalek” being apparently destroyed by a group of post-2005 Gold Daleks. Certainly there’s some form of meant connection there?

Possibly that is a new entrance in the continued Imperial/Renegade battle (however with Gold Daleks as an alternative of white and gold Imperials, and a darker Recon Dalek as an alternative of a gray and black Renegade), or a completely new civil warfare that showrunner Chris Chibnall intends to be a reflection of the earlier conflict.

Or perhaps it’s extra of a non secular sequel with simply a trace of Dalek-on-Dalek motion, with the title meant as a delicate nod to followers fairly than an express connection to the basic collection.

No matter the fact, we’re satisfied there’s extra to Revolution of the Daleks than meets the eyestalk. Time for the Doctor to wade into Dalek politics as soon as once more…

Doctor Who: Revolution of the Daleks air on BBC One in late 2020/early 2021


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