Doctor Who lockdown special reveals outcome of Human Nature villain


Doctor Who‘s Human Nature and The Household of Blood might have aired in 2007 as half of sequence three, however in a current lockdown watchalong, the author has revealed the outcome of one of the villains from the household.

All through Paul Cornell’s two-parter, David Tennant’s Tenth Doctor is hiding in plain sight in a college in 1913.

After utilizing the chameleon arch on himself in a bid to maintain his Time Lord DNA hidden from The Household of Blood who feast on it, the Doctor turns into John Smith and depends on Martha (Freema Agyeman) to maintain his secret secure in a pocket watch.

On account of the terrible monstrosities dedicated by the Household, the Doctor takes it upon himself to punish them – they wished to stay without end, so he made certain they did.

He pushes the mom out of the TARDIS and into the occasion horizon of a collapsing galaxy, wraps the daddy in unbreakable chains, units the son to work as a scarecrow in a discipline and most hauntingly, traps the little woman with the balloon into each mirror in existence.

Cornell addressed the latter’s outcome in his quick epilogue, The Shadow within the Mirror, which was launched as half of the Doctor Who Lockdown sequence which accompanied a stay watchalong occasion.

Within the five-minute audio story, the daughter, Lucy Cartwright, recounts her life within the mirror and explains how completely different incarnations of the Doctor pay her a go to and ask her to express regret – if she did, she could be launched.

However the villainous youngster refuses to repent and stays trapped within the mirror, seemingly for eternity.

Nonetheless, that adjustments when the Thirteenth Doctor (performed by Jodie Whittaker within the TV sequence) arrives.

After a dialog, the Time Lord decides it’s time to let Lucy out and he or she dramatically hammers the window right into a thousand items.

On the finish of the drama, the daughter takes her first steps again into normality.

Lauren Wilson performs Lucy Cartwright within the special – and enjoyable truth, she is the unique daughter!

And take a look at’s Doctor Who podcast on Human Nature/The Household of Blood.

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