Does a remake of The Last of Us make sense?


There are more and more rumors about a possible remake of The Last of Us. The question is clear: is it necessary? It may not be for many of us, but I see more and more understandable the possible strategy that Sony would be following with it.

Everyone has an interpretation of what a remake is, but, if we take it as a complete visual or systemic recreation, without taking advantage of original materials from the original work, possibly the most recent game to have a remake is Demon’s Souls, a game of 2009 that in 2020 had its set-up by Bluepoint. If the rumors are confirmed, The Last of Us would be the new game that tops that list, being a game whose original release dates back to 2013. In the event that it came out in 2022, nine years would have passed since its launch. Does that seem like a short time to you? The truth is that the history of remakes is very curious. Games like the first Resident Evil and its remake are highly regarded by the community and have been six years apart. The smallest gap I can remember is between the adventure game Quest for Glory I and its VGA remake: just three years between its original release in 1989 and the 1992 remake.

Is it necessary to explain why it would be an unnecessary remake? Probably not: everyone who has played the first The Last of Us recognizes its production values. Even the PlayStation 3 original is a game that makes the most of the machine’s technical potential and that, in terms of game mechanics, offers a system of stealth, exploration, action and resource manufacturing that holds up well by standards of today. Even more so if we take into account that the work of Naughty Dog had a PlayStation 4 remaster that updated the game with higher resolution and framerate, which makes for an even smoother and more enjoyable gaming experience.

However, perhaps asking ourselves if it is necessary is not the question, but why Sony might be interested in it. Analysts’ predictions for this year are coming true: on the one hand, we are experiencing a generation of million-dollar company sales. Achieving ever-increasing profits isn’t easy, and we’ve even seen first-party Sony games make their way onto PCs over time to make even more money. Another of the predictions was the conversion of video game franchises into entertainment franchises and, given the number of announcements we have had lately, with movies and series of God of War, Bioshock, Sonic, Mario, Borderlands, The Witcher, Arcane, Fallout… I think they got the forecast right too.

Is The Last of Us Remake necessary? Absolutely not. Would it make sense? AbsolutelyYes, it’s true: many of us experienced the rise of video game film adaptations at the time and how it didn’t go quite well, but I think they will return. Superhero movies have taken over the screens for many years and symptoms of exhaustion are starting to show. I’m sure that video games are planned to replace comics as a cinematographic nutrient. And here we return to Sony, whose plan is to convert a good part of its licenses into entertainment products as well; not just video game brands. It even has its own label: PlayStation Productions. We’ve seen it with the recent Uncharted movie and we’ll see it in the future with Ghost of Tsushima, God of War, and even Jak and Daxter and Twisted Metal. And of course The Last of Us.

The Last of Us Remastered: Does a remake of The Last of Us make sense?

With the series of The Last of Us is expected to achieve something good, there is no doubt. The shooting is being an abnormally long one for the usual times in the middle and the photos that have been seen of the production suggest that they are taking this adaptation very seriously. I think both Sony and HBO hope to achieve a small success here, perhaps even similar to what was reaped with Game of Thrones. Something iconic that appeals not only to fans of the brand, but to the vast number of viewers who have no idea what The Last of Us is. Basically, this move has already been made with the Uncharted movie. For us, it’s just another movie, which doesn’t seem to have thrilled gamers either (I haven’t seen it), but has nonetheless served its purpose twice: it has done well at the box office in a shaky theatrical market. Y has made many viewers, young and not so young who had not played the games, interested in it.

A remake of The Last of Us would come to cover the same demand. Those viewers who don’t know The Last of Us beforehand don’t want to play a PlayStation 3 title. Not even a PlayStation 4 remaster. They want the highest charts they can get, on the newest game they can get, on the newest platform there is. Probably, even, this probable remake will resonate more with the HBO series, sharing even more elements in common. And besides, it would be the perfect starting point for, after playing it, to get interested in The Last of Us Part II, that would finish closing the circle of all this marketing move. Is, therefore, The Last of Us Remake necessary? Absolutely not. Would it make sense? Absolutely.


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