Does the new WandaVision trailer hint at a massive change for the Marvel films?


The primary-look trailer for Marvel’s Disney Plus debut WandaVision has arrived, promising all types of basic sitcom tropes, creepy moments and mind-melting, reality-warping motion as deceased android Imaginative and prescient (Paul Bettany) and Avenger Wanda (Elisabeth Olsen) play home.

However may the trailer even be hinting at one thing extra? And will that one thing extra imply huge modifications in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as a complete?

Effectively, that’s what we’re questioning after followers noticed a sneaky little Easter Egg throughout the new footage which hints at a important storyline for Wanda in the comics.

Particularly, the Easter Egg is that this – a bottle of wine (levitated in a Charmed-esque scene by Wanda) has a label which seems to nod at Home of M, a comedian ebook storyline from 2005 that many followers have theorised for a whereas might be a a part of WandaVision.

The essential story is that this – at one level in the comics the reality-warping mutant Scarlet Witch inadvertently created youngsters for herself and her android husband The Imaginative and prescient, an motion later undone and faraway from her reminiscence by her pals and teammates to spare her ache.

Nevertheless, Wanda subconsciously remembered the change and steadily had a psychological breakdown, attacking the Avengers (and apparently killing a few of them) in the Avengers: Disassembled storyline. Her thoughts damaged, Wanda was taken away by Magneto (her father in the comics, although not in the Marvel films at the moment), and he or she later used her powers to reshape the complete world into a new actuality the place all her family and friends would have their coronary heart’s want.

On this actuality, mutants accounted for 50 per cent of the inhabitants and managed the world, with people thought of a lesser race and considerably oppressed. Most Marvel heroes had been current on this new world in a method or one other residing comfortable lives, however had been steadily woken as much as the fact and battled to reverse the change.

The storyline concluded with Wanda, bored with the violence proclaiming “no extra mutants”, utilizing her talents to return the world to regular however decreasing the rising mutant inhabitants from tens of millions to only a whole bunch. In different phrases, a lot of mutants misplaced their superpowers.

Now, we all know what you’re considering – what does any of this must do with the MCU? There are not any mutants in Marvel’s film universe (the copyright for the time period initially lay with a completely different studio), and even Wanda and Quicksilver had been introduced as being empowered by an Infinity Stone slightly than having their comedian ebook mutant identities.

However regardless of these variations, there are some intriguing crossovers between Home of M and WandaVision. Each tales seem to contain Wanda creating a unusual parallel world the place she will be with these she loves, each contain her elevating characters from the useless and each might even embody her “creating” youngsters (in the new trailer, Wanda and Imaginative and prescient will be seen holding twins similar to the comics’ fictional youngsters).

Paul Bettany Elisabeth Olsen

Elisabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany with twin infants in WandaVision (Disney+)

In different phrases, perhaps that is the film model of Wanda’s diminishing grip on actuality as seen in the comics, previous a grand change like the one seen in Home of M. Assuming it isn’t simply a coincidence, the wine bottle Easter Egg may even be hinting on this route, teeing up comedian ebook followers that whereas this isn’t a direct adaptation, that storyline might be key in bringing WandaVision to life. It’s the most well-known Scarlet Witch story, in any case – why wouldn’t they attempt to embody it?

And following this, we’ve to surprise what the equal ending might be. Ever since Disney purchased twentieth Century Fox, reuniting that studio’s X-Males characters with their Marvel brothers and sisters, followers have questioned how and when Marvel will introduce mutants to the MCU. And perhaps that is it.

Give it some thought – whereas Wanda can’t snap and depower mutants that aren’t there, perhaps a new breakdown may result in her doing the reverse and creating homo superior as an alternative. Possibly this even ties into Evan Peters’ rumoured involvement in the sequence as the alternate actuality model of Quicksilver, Wanda’s super-fast brother (initially performed by Aaron Taylor-Johnson in Avengers: Age of Ultron) who remained the solely crossover between the separate Fox and Disney film universes.

In fact, it might be that the bottle’s label is simply a coincidence, and even whether it is a Home of M callback it could be extra of a nod than a clue, there to stress the similarity of two very distinct tales about Wanda altering the actuality round her.

However contemplating the sequence is already apparently set to tie into upcoming Physician Unusual sequel The Multiverse of Insanity (which Olsen will even star in), we do must surprise if there’s extra right here than meets the eye. Get able to dial M for Mutant…

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