Dogs are fond of raising dogs, then you have to get registration, government has issued new policy

Gautam Buddha Nagar: The Noida Authority has enacted a new policy on pet dogs, in which it will be necessary to register for raising pet dogs. If you are fond of keeping a pet dog then it will be mandatory for you to register your dogs. The registration fee will be Rs 500 per dog. Registration has to be renewed every year. Owners will be fined Rs 5000 for not registering. Also Read – Corona Virus UP: Uttar Pradesh becomes number one in Corona Testing, fast growing positive patients

This scheme can be named Pet Dog Registration Scheme. The Noida Authority has started selecting the agency to run this scheme smoothly. Actually, the agency will collect data of all the pet dogs in the district and will also ensure that their vaccinations have been started from time to time. Also Read – UP Covid-19 Update: 4600 new cases of Corona have come in Uttar Pradesh, figure crosses 1 lakh 45 thousand

The agency will keep a record of pets and will also keep an eye on all problems related to pet dogs. Also, for monitoring all these things a leash will be tied around the neck of the pet dog, in which a chip will be attached, so that the pet dog can be easily identified. Also Read – Four times happiness: Woman gave birth to four children in Sitapur, delivery at home, crowds gathered to watch the children …

The plan was discussed in the recent Noida Authority board meeting. Noida Authority’s Special Officer Indu Prakash Singh said, “It will be the job of the agency to register Rs. 500 per dog for any pet dog within the limits of the Noida Authority. At the same time, all the information related to the dog has to be kept, the agency will also periodically get the dogs vaccinated. ”

He said, “After registration, a chip will be placed on the dogs. If he gets a complaint about someone’s pet dogs from anywhere, then the agency will be able to easily extract information about the dog with the help of that chip. This scheme has been prepared for the convenience of the public mind, the authority will also get information about how many domesticated dogs are there and how many stray dogs are there in the district. ”

However, it has been observed that often when the dog gets old, its owner abandons it. Some people give aggressive training to their dogs, which often causes dog bites. With this scheme, such complaints will be greatly curbed, while problems related to dogs can also be solved easily.

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