Don Lama exploded on Twitter for the fight between “Peters” and an IPN student

The teacher known as “Peters” agreed to come to blows with a student after offensive comments between the two in a blog where the performance of ESIME-Zacatenco teachers was rated

On May 12, a video of a fight between a teacher and a student of the National Polytechnic Institute (IPN). The furor it caused was far-reaching enough to involve characters related to boxing such as Eduardo Lamazon, who was asked by various users for his opinion about the conflict. However, the sports commentator from Aztec Sports expressed his annoyance at the number of messages he received.

Through his Twitter account, the experienced character sought to vindicate his professionalism in boxing with a message to those who asked him to give his fight card between the Peters and an IPN student who was baptized on social media as gold fists.

“Enough already. Two got into a fight in the street. Someone took a video and uploaded it. I have an endless bombardment of mailings asking for the card. Do you have fun with it? Stop the stupid things and think how the world is longer and wider for you when you do what you do, ”she wrote on her Twitter account @lamazon_oficial.

Eduardo Lamazón rejected the request of users on social networks about the fight between Peters and Fists of Gold (Photo: CUARTOSCURO)
Eduardo Lamazón rejected the request of users on social networks about the fight between Peters and Fists of Gold (Photo: CUARTOSCURO)

Eduardo Lamazón has become an icon in the boxing functions that the team of Aztec Sports airs every weekend. His vast knowledge of the sport, as well as his personality and peculiar timbre of voice, made him a authorized figure to render his verdict before the public every time two fighters finish participating in a round during the show.

Every Saturday night, Eduardo Lamazón participates in the panel of commentators of Box Azteca y shares the table with the main chronicler Rodolfo Vargas, as well as Julio César Chávez and Óscar Valdez, who act like experts in the sport. From that place he has been able to narrate the most memorable fights and championships for Mexican boxing in recent decades.

“Nine points for Saúl Canelo Álvarez and ten points for Dmitry Bivol”, is just one example of the well-known phrase that has characterized it. In this sense, after the events that occurred outside the Higher School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering (ESIME) Zacatenco, various users tried to integrate him into the conversation with his iconic dialoguebut Don Lama he flatly refused, considering it a mockery.

Eduardo Lamazón's message (Photo: Twitter/@lamazon_oficial)
Eduardo Lamazón’s message (Photo: Twitter/@lamazon_oficial)

Students from ESIME and other schools located on the IPN’s Zacatenco campus gathered in one of the streets to witness the combat between a professor of the institution known as Luis Alfredo Lira Peters against a student who, in the face of anonymity, received the nickname of gold fists on social networks.

Supposedly, the conflict between the two characters had its origin in a blog outside the institution, but where references about the teaching staff are provided. According to comments on the post, Peters tried to defend himself from negative comments against his subject through an anonymous account and challenged another user identified as Gold Fists.

The Box Azteca team was headed by Carlos Aguilar (Photo: Instagram/@elzaraguilar)
The Box Azteca team was headed by Carlos Aguilar (Photo: Instagram/@elzaraguilar)

The two involved complied with the threats and They showed up at the agreed place. There were also more students on the scene, as well as a police officer who did little to prevent the confrontation with blows. Meanwhile, the institution spoke out and condemned the events that occurred on the afternoon of Wednesday, May 11.

“They assumed a behavior alien to the values ​​and principles that are promoted in the IPN. ESIME Zacatenco has started the actions conducive to investigate the facts and will timely report the sanctions that are applicable in accordance with current institutional regulations”They noted in a statement.


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