Donald Trump, blocked on Facebook and Instagram


Mark Zuckerberg has announced that Donald Trump’s Facebook and Instagram accounts have been blocked indefinitely and for at least two weeks until the peaceful transition of powers takes place.

In a statement on Facebook (which you can read for yourself), Zuckerberg has said that the decision responds to Trump’s clear intentions to use the networks to hinder the transition into the government of President-elect Joe Biden.

It is a historic decision to block a president, and as you can imagine, it has been taken as a result of the incidents that occurred in the United States Capitol, which have finally been condemned by Donald Trump himself, who has publicly said that it has been an assault on democracy and they will pay for events.

Just today we were echoing that the Twitch channel of the still US president has also been blocked indefinitely, to prevent further violence from being incited through the platform and until everything is clarified and returns to normal.

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