Donny Osmond Extends His Stay In Las Vegas


Donny Osmond Extends His Stay In Las Vegas:

Lovers of Donny Osmond who have liked him for a long time and want to see him in live are in luck. The “Soldier of Love” singer said that his famous engagement at Harrah’s Las Vegas will go on until May 2024.

Donny, who is 65 years old, told Fox News upon Friday, August 4, that he is “so thrilled” to keep putting on his great show. “We’re having a lot of fun,” he said on the air. “The crowds are really enjoying it. “Why not?”

Donny Additionally Stated Regarding Few Of Things That Will Occur At His Show, Check Out What Is That:

Donny talked about some of the things that will happen at his show series, like a tribute to his talented sister Marie Osmond and songs from all 65 of his records.

“I put all 65 albums upon the screen, as well as anyone within the audience can choose any song I’ve ever recorded, and we do it,” he stated of how he interacts with his fans throughout his shows.

Extending His Residency Has Not Been The Only Big News For Donny Osmond Additionally He Welcomed Their 14th Grandchild:

Donny’s only big news lately was that he got to stay in the same place longer. The singer of “Puppy Love” as well as his spouse, Debbie Osmond, have a new grandchild.

This is their 14th grandchild. Chris and Alta Osmond, who are Donny’s son and son-in-law, had Dune Tyler Osmond in late June.

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Donny Shared A Instagram Post With His 14th Grandchild:

“Thank you, Chris as well as Alta, for giving Debbie and me another beautiful grandson,” Donny wrote on Instagram with a picture of him holding the baby. “Dune Tyler Osmond, welcome to our family. You really are a messenger from God.”

Donny and Debbie have four more boys besides Chris, who is 32. Their names are Donny Jr., Jeremy, Brandon, as well as Josh. All of the boys are married and hold their own good jobs.

During Donny’s Tv Interview He Stated That Chris Is A Excellent Singer One Of My Boys:

When asked if his children and grandchildren are following in his path as performers, Donny was swift to point out that Chris was a good singer. “One of my boys, Chris, looks out for him,” Donny stated during his TV interview. “They all have pretty good singing voices.”

Chris is also the father of his little girl, Aussie Rae Osmond, who was born in November 2020. Reality TV fans might recognize the young singer who is on the rise.

Is Donny Competing In The Second Installment Of Reality Show “Claim The Fame”:

Fans of Donny have kept bringing up the fact that Chris is fighting within the second installment of the ABC reality show Claim to Fame. All of the people on the show are related to a famous person, and they all want to keep their names a secret.

So far, Chris has been pretty good at fooling his competitors, who believed he was connected to Elvis Presley, John Mayer, or Jim Carrey. Even though there are a lot of signs that his dad was a teen hero in the 1970s, Chris seems to have a good chance of getting the $100,000 prize.

The Show Is Going To Take Place From Jan 23 To May 11:

The times that were just revealed are from Jan. 23 to May 11. Saturday at 10 a.m., people can buy tickets. The “Auto-rap-ography,” a nearly 10-minute rap set to photos and movies from Osmond’s six-decade career, is one of the best parts of the show.

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Osmond also does a full Broadway version of “I’ll Make A Man Out Of You,” his famous Disney song from the movie Mulan. The show also has a part where people in the crowd can ask for any song he’s ever made.

The show started on August 31, 2021, which was almost two years after the Donny as well as Marie Osmond show at Flamingo Showroom finished.

New Date For Upcoming Show:

January 2024 23-27, 30-31
February 2024 1-3, 13-17, 20-24, 27-29
March 2024 1-2, 12-16, 19-23, 26-30
April 2024 2-6, 30
May 2024 1-4, 7-11