Don’t throw your old games on floppy disks – surprisingly, they work with Windows 11


A user has managed to make an old computer work with the new version of Microsoft.

By Sergio Bustos / 20 comments

Don't throw your old games on floppy disks - surprisingly, they work with Windows 11

Since it was officially introduced, Windows 11 it was postulated as an option to renew the user experience on the main computers around the world. In fact, Microsoft set a date for its arrival at the end of last year with several novelties in mind, which included innovations that also affected the use of PCs to enjoy video games.

What we would not have thought is that, with this look to the future, the new version of the operating system would also work with technology from 30 years ago. And it is that the user Jrcraft has shown that Windows 11 can support floppy disks with the publication on YouTube of a video tutorial that you can see below:

Responds without additional hardware or softwareSpecifically, it has achieved connect a 5.25 disk drive inches, running the operating system on a fairly old computer, with an Athlon 64 X2 + processor released in 2005 and a Gigabyte motherboard that has the IDE connectors necessary for the floppy drive. The drive is responsive without the need for additional hardware or software, and it is a direct connection, not an external drive via USB.

This floppy disk format is extremely useful for conservation and preservation of programs and video games, so this type of thing is always good news, even if the companies do not officially provide the necessary facilities for it. As for the most current titles, the fact that the Microsoft Store opens to external applications with the arrival of Windows 11 is also positive, something that will have a direct impact on the user experience of the players.

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