Dontnod will create a new franchise after being bought in part by Tencent


Tencent has bought a percentage of the developer of Life is Strange, Dontnod, to create a new saga.

This investment has been between 30 and 36 million dollars, and will be used to finance a new franchise of Dontnod for PC, consoles and mobile phones. It will also be used to self-publish this new game, whatever it is.

“The investment will be used mainly to finance Dontnod’s strategy to develop and self-publish new intellectual properties globally for PCs, consoles and mobiles, and will be able to be used by great creators of the industry around the world, such as Dontnod” in a press release.

In terms of what the new saga will be, there is no information, although the most assumable thing is that it follows the typical style of Dontnod, that is, Life Is Strange, Tell Me Why and Twin Mirror. Narrative third-person games in which to make decisions that will affect the future of the plot with some puzzles in between.

The purchase of Tencent allows an increase of almost 40 million, which speeds up the process, according to Dontnod. The studio has also announced that they have signed a financial cooperation agreement with Tencent.

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