Dozens Of People Get Hurt At The Rome Concert Of US Rapper Travis Scott


Dozens Of People Get Hurt At The Rome Concert Of US Rapper Travis Scott:

Travis Scott’s new album UTOPIA might be all the rage among certain hip-hop supporters, but the parts and actions on the album that make people want to rave have sadly caused a ruckus within Rome.

Euronews says that Scott had almost 60,000 people come to Rome’s old and well-known Circus Maximus to see the start of his first record.

The Concert Originally Supposed Take Place At The Pyramids Of Giza  Within Egypt:

The show was meant to take part at the Pyramids of Giza within Egypt, yet the arrangements fell through because Scott and the country had different “societal values as well as traditions.”

Things went from bad to worse for him when someone was reportedly pepper-sprayed, which set off others around and caused chaos.

After Falling From 4 Meter Drop While Trying To Get Into Concert The 14 Year Old Boy Taken To Hospital:

A 14-year-old boy is also said to have been hurt and taken to the hospital after slipping from a 4-meter drop while attempting to get through the show. After everything was said and done, at least sixty individuals needed medical care.

If all of this sounds a little bit similar, it’s probably because you remember the terrible things that happened at Scott’s Astroworld show in 2021, when 300 people were hurt and 10 people died.

Additionally Within 2021 300 People Were Hurt And 10 People Died At Scott’s Astraworld Concert:

Italian police are looking into the case, and some public figures are currently speaking about the noise, which made the whole city shake like an earthquake.

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And as if this bad luck wasn’t enough, as The Root reported before, Scott surprised the crowd in Italy by bringing out Ye, the controversial artist who used to be called Kanye West.

This was Ye’s first show since 2022. In that time, the Chicago-born rapper mostly used social media to rant against Jews.

Still, Scott thought it was important to include the person who played Yeezus. He said, “There isn’t a UTOPIA without Kanye West.” Without Kanye West, there would be no Travis Scott. Rome wouldn’t exist without Kanye West.”

If These Is Going To Occur Every Concert Then He Have To Stop Doing Concert:

Look, I don’t know who on Scott’s squad requires to hear this, yet if his shows keep hurting people, he might want to stop doing them. I understand that you can’t control the supporters and that it’s important to connect alongside them, but these meetings are hurting real people.

Things should stop until the real cause of all these problems is found and fixed. The head of the Colosseum historical park said, “We will look down on rock concerts.”

This Is Not First Time That Tragedy Has Happened At Scott’s Concert:

This isn’t the first time that tragedy has happened at one of Scott’s shows. In November 2021, his show at the Astroworld Festival within his hometown of Houston, Texas, caused a stampede that killed 10 people and hurt dozens more.

Travis informed the 60,000 fans at the event, which was shown on social media, “It’s been an extended journey to get here.

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“Utopia doesn’t exist without Kanye West. Without Kanye West, there would be no Travis Scott. Without Kanye West, there is no Rome. “Make a racket for Ye!” Travis’s planned live show right in front of the pyramids within Egypt had to be canceled at the last minute.

Authorities In Egypt Said They Are Worried Regarding The Safety Of The Event Due To 10 Fans Died Within 2021:

Authorities in Egypt said they were worried about the safety of the event because 10 fans died in a crowd crush at his 2021 Astroworld show in Houston, Texas, within the United States. Travis has said that the concert in Egypt will still happen, and he has promised to announce an alternate date soon.