Dragon’s Dogma 2, Devil May Cry, or something else? Capcom’s new game is progressing apace


Hideaki Itsuno has brought up his next project again to ensure that it continues to progress.

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The fantastic Devil May Cry 5 is the last great title of Hideaki Itsuno. The Japanese creative has other plans since then, and for the past few months we have learned that he is working on something new. For the moment, he is keeping the suspense well but, as he did in 2021, he has taken advantage of the New Year’s greetings to mention his next project again.

The director has published a short and concise message through his official Twitter account in which he assures that his new game is on the right track, which has triggered the stakes again. Will it be another Devil May Cry or the expected Dragon’s Dogma 2? It could also be something totally new, but what has gained more momentum is another installment of Dragon’s Dogma.

“Happy 2022! The next project is more advanced than last year. Please stay tuned”, commented Itsuno, who in 2021 was more generous in his words, inviting us to continue enjoying DMC5 and Vergil’s DLC, and ensuring that there was still a long way to be able to see something of the project.

In 2021 he assured that it would take a long timeA whole year has passed without great news in this regard, so 2022 could be a good time to find out what you have on your hands. But Itsuno is one of the most important figures in Capcom currently, so they are sure to give you the time you need and don’t rush into production. You can also use the RE Engine, the engine that the company’s development teams have been using in recent jobs.

A couple of months ago, we learned that the composer of the Dragon’s Dogma series, among many others, was working on a great game new generation, and a part of the community thought of something from Capcom. Some leaks also pointed to a second installment at the time, but you have to be careful with the information. Devil May Cry 5 was spectacular to us, so we will be looking forward to what Itsuno and his team are preparing.

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