Due to Kovid-19, cases of stress are increasing wildly, psychiatrists said this


Mumbai Cases of mental stress and depression have risen sharply amid the lockdown imposed to deal with Kovid-19. More than 1,300 people facing this depression have approached the Maharashtra government for medical help. A health officer of the state has given this information. Also Read – Arvind Kejriwal’s reaction to the announcement of ‘plasma therapy’ for Corona patients, said this …

At the same time, private doctors also claimed that in the last few months, cases of depression, psychiatric compulsive disorder (OCD) and fear of going out of the house have increased significantly. “In 30 of the 36 districts of Maharashtra, 1,302 people are seeking psychiatrists,” a senior state health department official told PTI. Also Read – Good news: early next year, this country will also bring Kovid-19 vaccine

He told that some of them were suffering from violent behavior, such as trying to harm themselves as a result of prolonged depression etc. He said, “The data is still being compiled because the reports of cases are yet to come from some districts. Cases may exceed 1,302. ” Also Read – Mumbai: 5-storey building collapsed, 200 people feared trapped, many teams of NDRF on the spot

Before March this year (before the outbreak of Kovid-19), renowned psychiatrist Anand Nadkarni said that he used to get six to seven cases of OCD daily and now 32 to 36 cases are coming every day. He said, “Many people do not consider OCD as a disease, so it affects their life for a long time.”

Mental health expert Mridula Apte said that before the global epidemic, he had two to three cases of stress related to him every week. But now at least three people bring this problem every day. Apte has a clinic in Pune.

Public Health Specialist and Chairman of Maharashtra Communicable Disease Prevention and Control Technical Committee, Dr. Subhash Salunke said that depression and mental stress caused by Kovid-19 has become a global problem.

He said, “Those who were already suffering from such diseases are complaining of increasing the disease. Some people who had mild symptoms or had similar problems, which have never been known, now want to seek counseling. “

Salunke said that there are many people who had no such problems earlier, but now they are facing these problems due to the global epidemic.


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