Dune survival from the creators of Conan Exiles is seen in new concept art


Funcom shares several job offers to collaborate in the development of its ambitious open world video game.

Dune (Funcom)

After the great work carried out by Dennis Villeneuve in the most recent film adaptation of Dune, the passion for the science fiction novel of Frank Herbert is huge, a hobby that video games want to be part of with several projects. One of them is an action and survival title signed by all the experts in this field, Funcom, which has several new features.

There are three Dune video games in the worksThanks to the opening of a new recruitment website, the developers of Conan Exiles have allowed us to know two concept art images and a CGI render where, at the risk of being wrong, we can say that the intriguing world of Arrakis where this acclaimed story takes place is fully breathed. In one of them we can see one of the vehicles of the adventure, while the render makes clear the immensity of the desert.

Funcom is in the process of expanding to advance its development, with twenty offers that cover all kinds of sections of a video game from the design part to the marketing part. The state of the work is unknown.

Image of Dune (Funcom)

Funcom is selling an open-world action-survival video game that will allow gamers traversing an ever-changing landscapefeeling the sand under his feet and the spice, so important in this franchise, around him.

The survival adventure is one of three projects that Funcom is developing or sponsoring through an exclusive deal with Legendary Entertainment. One of them is a multiplayer title for which there is hardly any data. The other is Dune: Spice Wars, a strategy video game that we can already enjoy on PC via Steam.

Image of Dune (Funcom)

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