Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance Reveals Boss Beholder Through New Gameplay


The latest trailer for Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance, which you can see a bit below, gives us a better look at how developer Tuque Games is adapting one of D & D’s most famous monsters: the Beholder.

“The Beholder is one of the most iconic creatures in D&D, so it was an incredible opportunity to bring him to life in the Dark Alliance.”says Kevin Neibert, lead game designer at Tuque Games. “We looked to the Monster Manual for inspiration, then put our own creative spin on it. Delve into Hagedorn, the Dreamer, and his distinctive chitinous shell.”.

“I think Hagedorn is the most interesting boss in the Dark Alliance.”

The look is definitely a different take on the design that most gamers are familiar with (you can see a comparison between the Hagedorn from Dark Alliance and the latest board game design below), and it’s a far cry from the original design of 1975. However, the Hagedorn is not a monster with a single visual style either.

“In tradition [de mesa] from D&D, each eye has its own magical ability “, explica Neibert, “But due to technical limitations, giving each eye a separate animation and effect was out of our reach. As a result, we decided to select the most interesting effects from a game perspective and use the central eye as a conduit for all of Hagedorn’s abilities. “.

The eye beams of RPG Beholders have a variety of powers, from paralyzing enemies to what is basically an instant death beam. And judging from the trailer above, it looks like we’ll be seeing a wide variety of these powers in Dark Alliance. We also get a good look at the creature’s lair, and while we may not see the truly wild lair actions (like a huge cosmic eye opening on a random wall to fire lasers at players), the team aims to keep the boss fights feel from the classics (in both tabletop RPGs and video games).

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“The arena is made up of a central platform and an outer ring”, dice Neibert. As the boss fight progresses, Hagedorn grows increasingly enraged and begins to lose control … causing chunks of the outer ring to disintegrate. This puts more pressure on the player as they have less room to maneuver and increases the overall intensity of the fight. “.

At IGN, we enjoyed when we got to try Dark Alliance a few weeks ago, and we’re curious to see how Tuque will put his unique stamp on other classic D&D monsters as well. For Neibert, while clearly passionate about the Dark Alliance’s 30+ monsters, he can’t help but have his favorites.

“I think Hagedorn is the most interesting boss in the Dark Alliance, and I’m very proud of the talented team of character artists, programmers, animators, visual effects artists, and sound designers who helped bring the Dreamer to life.”he said about it.

For more information on Dark Alliance, remember that the game already has a release date at the moment.