During The Raid On Tupac’s House, Police Took Some Of His Guns And Ammunition. The Homeowner Could Still Be Charged


During The Raid On Tupac’s House, Police Took Some Of His Guns And Ammunition. The Homeowner Could Still Be Charged:

A man who claims he knows who murdered Tupac Shakur is being searched by the police. A search order shows that 40-caliber bullets were found at the scene this week. These were the same kind of bullets that were used to kill the rapper.

People who knew about the case told The Post that former gang member Duane Keith Davis might continue to be charged with murdering the rapper in Las Vegas in 1996. The rapper says that his nephew, Orlando Anderson, was the one who pulled the gun.

Police Department Searched A House At Monday Night:

The Root said before that Las Vegas Metro police searched an area home Monday night as part of their investigation into Pac’s death. TMZ got a video of the fight between SWAT and the people in the house.

Greg Kading is a former LAPD officer who looked into the shooting death of Tupac’s rap rival Christopher Wallace, also known as the Notorious BIG.

He told The Post that he was “pleasantly surprised” when the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department searched Davis’s house on Monday. “I get that from the point of view of a person who doesn’t know much about it. Why do they still do this after 27 years?” Kading said.

Police Department Wants To Shut This Case For Forever This Is The Main Reason Behind Reopening The Case:

“The point is that it shows that the Las Vegas PD are looking into this. They are not going to let this go away. They don’t want this to be a case that was never solved. They want to shut it down for good.”

Later, it was found out that the house belongs to Paula Collins, who is wed to 60-year-old Duane Davis, also known as “Keefe D.”

In the past, Keefe has said that he used to be a thief and that he is the uncle of Orlando Anderson, who is believed to be the person who killed Tupac in September 1996.

LVMPD Searched Pamela’s House:

The LVMPD told The Post that the search warrant they served on Monday at the home of Davis’s wife, Pamela Clemons, in Henderson, Nevada, was part of their investigation into Shakur’s murder.

The search warrant showed that police took several computers, laptops, as well as iPads from the house, in addition to the.40 caliber cartridge. Many of the same type of shells were found at the scene where Shakur was fatally wounded on the famous Las Vegas strip.

Cops also took away tubs of pictures from the 1990s that might show that Davis was a member of the famed Los Angeles street gang South Side Compton Crips.

What They Found In The House Of Pamela Clemons:

Some of the things are computers, electronic storage, papers, or other media about Shakur. There are also pictures, movies, CDs, and writings about Duane Keith Davis, AKA Keefy D, as well as his work with the South Side Compton Crips.

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Police were also looking for copies of Davis and Yusuf Jah’s book “Compton Street Legend” and other personal items.

  • A phone, a Poké Ball USB drive,
  • Four tablets
  • Four laptops
  • 11.40 cartridges
  • A copy of “Compton Street Legends,”
  • A copy of the magazine Vibe with an article about Shakur, rumored marijuana,
  • Two black tubs with pictures in them.

The cops went into the house on July 17. At this point, the cops have not said who any of the defendants are. FOX5 talked to people in the neighborhood near I-11 as well as Wagon Wheel Drive to find out where the house that was checked was.

Davis said that he, Anderson, and two other people were in a white Cadillac when they pulled up to Shakur’s car on the Las Vegas strip on September 7, 1996.

Anderson Is The Person Who Shot The Shakur:

Davis said that Anderson was the person who shot Shakur as the rapper hung off of a BMW as well as talked to women in a nearby car. Shakur was a member of the enemy LA street gang the Bloods.

Tupac was shot four times and died six days later in the hospital. Former Death Row Records CEO Suge Knight was driving their car when he was shot. He only got scratched, but he has never talked about who shot him in public.

Kading said that Davis did make a “proffer agreement” with the LAPD in return for his statement about Shakur’s murder, in which he said that his nephew proved the one who murdered the famous rapper.

Anderson Was A Member Of South Side Compton Crips:

Kading said that Anderson, who was additionally a part of the South Side Compton Crips, shot Shakur to get back at him. Before the shooting, the “All Eyez on Me” rapper as well as other members of his Death Row crew beat up Anderson at the MGM Grand.

Kading said that Davis’s original offer does not give him protection, and he might still face charges with being associated with the murder if he says anything else that isn’t in the deal.

Davis Wrote And Published A Book Titled Compton Street Legends:

Davis has done many interviews and TV shows over the years. He also wrote and self-published a book called “Compton Street Legends.”

The police who searched Davis’s house after getting a search warrant hoped to find drafts and notes about the book on the different computers they took on Monday.

“Everything he says outside of that main offer has no safeguards, so everything he possesses stated in public is evidence against himself,” Kading added The Post. Kading said that there is no limit on how long a murder case can be tried in Nevada.

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Davis And His Nephew Are In Las Vegas To See Mike Tyson Fight:

On September 7, 1996, Duane Keith “Keefe D” Davis as well as his nephew, Orlando Anderson, were in Las Vegas with other members of the “Southside Crips” gang to watch a Mike Tyson fight.

“Anderson had been in a fight with people from Death Row’s crew and a gang named the Mob,” according to Piru that was connected to Death Row Records.

And someone called Trevon Lane enjoyed his death row medals taken from a shop during a fight between the Crips as well as the Bloods, while Trayvon Lane was staying in Vegas with Tupac, Kading said. “He said that one of the guys who stole his chain was across the lobby.”

Kading says that when Tupac hit Anderson, the events that led to his death began to happen. Kading says that Anderson was the shooter after his probe.

Police think that Anderson grabbed a gun as well as drove up to Shakur’s BMW with it. When shots were fired, the car stopped at a red light at Flamingo Road as well as Koval Lane.

The Associated Press says that Shakur was killed soon after he as well as many of his friends got into a fight alongside Anderson as well as his group at a Las Vegas casino.

In an interview in 2018, Keefe D also said that his nephew was in the trunk of the car where the shots came from. Keefe almost said who shot Pac the night he was killed, but he didn’t.

Davis Gave The Gun To The Anderson:

He said that Anderson’s uncle, Davis, told the cops that he was in Las Vegas and gave the gun to Anderson.

In an earlier interview with Channel 13, Kading said, “The strength of the lead actually rested on Keefe D’s confession that he was involved within the murder and gave the weapon to his nephew Orlando.”

Kading said that the LAPD was looking into the shooting of Christopher Wallace, better known as the rapper Notorious B.I.G. Keefe D was a suspect within the case because the Southside Crips were at the Peterson Auto Museum on the evening Wallace was shot.

Kading said that in 2009, they made a “proffer agreement” to get Keefe D to tell police more regarding the shooting of Tupac. This meant that police weren’t going to use any comments he made that could be used against him.

“He was facing a minimum mandatory sentence of 25 years for a drug case we had built against him,” he said. “We had built that case against him specifically to get him to help with the murder investigations.”

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But Kading said that in recent years, Keefe D started to “boast publicly” regarding killing Tupac, which was not part of his deal with police.

Only Davis Is The Alive Member After That Incident:

Kading said that of the four guys within the white Cadillac that shot through the BMV, only Davis is still alive. Shakur was sitting within the front passenger seat of the car.

Kading said that agents and lawyers could be gathering information to show to a Grand Jury. The Grand Jury would then decide if Davis should be charged for his possible role during the 1996 murder.

Thursday, the search warrant was carried out at a home in Henderson, Nevada. The man who answered the door said he didn’t know Davis or his wife.

Don Sansouci, who additionally works on the quiet desert neighborhood block, said he saw police and SWAT take a man as well as a woman from the house Monday night.

“I went to bed, and when my wife woke up, she said, ‘There were cop cars all over the place,'” Sansouci said. “The police kept telling the people in 2204 to come out with their hands up.

No names were mentioned. For the next five to ten minutes, they said it again and again. Someone finally came out, and he yelled at them.”  Sansouci said that police also caught a woman. He was surprised to hear that the arrests might have something to do with the Shakur cold case.

Sansouci said, “It’s shocking to me due to it’s so close to home, but I’m glad that it appears that Las Vegas Metro continues to work hard on the case.”

“We finally went to talk to him about it, and that’s when he admitted to killing Tupac Shakur,” Kading said. “He’s telling everyone about it because none of these statements are covered by the deal he made before. So it gave the cops a chance to find him and bring charges against him.

Kading thinks that a bold LVMPD inspector is the reason why Shakur’s case was looked at again by the police.

He said, “Sometimes all it takes can be a proactive investigator who feels he knows enough to keep looking.” “So that’s why the search warrants were issued.”

Kading Hopes That This Time The Truth Came Out:

Kading hopes that if the case is looked at again, the truth will come out and it can be closed. He said, “This was just a complicated case that taken a long time to solve.”

“I think that will be huge and have a big effect not just on the hip-hop and African-American communities, but also on the law enforcement community. Everyone will be better off because we’re saying, “Yes, this is what really happened.”