During The Venice Film Festival, Spanish Actor Gabriel Guevara Was Taken Into Custody On Charges Of Sexual Abuse


During The Venice Film Festival, Spanish Actor Gabriel Guevara Was Taken Into Custody On Charges Of Sexual Abuse:

Gabriel Guevara, the main protagonist of the Spanish Amazon Prime teen movie series “My Fault,” was arrested at the Venice Film Festival on sexual assault charges, the festival has confirmed. The teen hero was not on the Lido for anything to do with the festival.

Guevara, who is 22 years old, arrived over the Lido yesterday. He told everyone about it in a few Instagram posts. During the festival, he was supposed to get an award named the Filming Italy Prize, which has nothing to do alongside the festival itself.

Guevara was wanted all over the world for a sexual attack that he was said to have done in France. The arrest happened on the Lido upon Saturday, and it was first written about in the Venice newspaper La Nuova Venezia. Representatives for Guevara were unable to be reached right away to get their thoughts.

The Actor Is In Safe Care Right Now:

Before Guevara can be sent back to Cuba, the Venice Court of Appeal has to make a decision about his case. The actor is in safe care right now. We don’t know what the exact charges in opposition to him are.

Guevara was apprehended through Italian state police within Venice on September 2, a day before Filming Italy was to give him the best young actor award on September 3.

When Filming Italy heard that he had been arrested, they took away the award as a “precaution” until the case in opposition to him was over. Deadline said that Guevara was at the Il Filming Italy Best Movie Award, which was an unofficial event at the Hotel Excelsior in Venice.

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He Was Supposed To Get The Organization’s Best Movie International Award For Young Generation For His Role Within “My Fault”:

The entertainment news website said that he was going to get the organization’s Outstanding Movie International Award for Young Generation for his part in “My Fault.”

The award was canceled after Filming Italy heard that Guevara had been arrested, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Officials said that the show was canceled as a “precaution” while the case in opposition to the star was being heard.

Before Guevara can be sent back to the United States, the Venice Court of Appeal has to rule on his case. The actor is in safe care right now. In a statement released upon Sunday, the Venice Film Festival stated that Guevara’s trip to Venice “had nothing to do with the 80th Venice International Picture Festival or any of its events or films.”

Guevara Made His First Appearance In The Spanish Version Of The Nordic Teen Show “Skam”:

On Sunday, the Venice Film Festival released the following statement: “Following the news articles that have been appearing on various websites about the Spanish actor Gabriel Guevara being arrested within Venice, the Biennale hereby clarifies that his attendance in Venice was not related to any events or productions associated to the 80th Venice International Film Festival.

Guevara, who has millions of fans on social media, got his start in the Spanish version of the Nordic teen show “Skam.” He then starred in the Paramount+ show “Bosé,” and then “My Fault” on Amazon made him a big star. He has also worked on the Spanish-language shows “How to Screw It All Up” as well as “You’re Nothing Special.”

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