Dwayne Johnson Says That Dropping Black Adam Remains A Single Of The Biggest Mysteries


Dwayne Johnson Says That Dropping Black Adam Remains A Single Of The Biggest Mysteries:

In a new clip from his Peacock show, Hart to Heart, Kevin Hart asked Dwayne Johnson why Black Adam didn’t get a movie after what Hart sees as a good start as well as “an appetite from his fan base.”

“I think Black Adam was caught within the vortex of new leadership,” says Johnson, adds that it “got knocked down a bit” due to COVID-related stoppages. Johnson then went back to talking about leadership problems.

Within DC There Are Lot Of Different People In Charge:

“There were a lot of different people in charge. When you have a publicly listed company with a lot of leadership changes, new people will come in and make artistic and financial choices that you might not agree with morally.

Last December, Johnson used social media to talk about a chat he had with James Gunn, who is a co-head of DC Studios, regarding why Black Adam wouldn’t be a part of DC’s new plans for the first phase.

“But DC as well as Seven Bucks agreed to keep looking for the best ways to use Black Adam throughout future DC multiverse stories,” Johnson wrote.

Black Adam Got Caught Within A Vortex OF New Leadership:

He subsequently made it clear, “These decisions adopted by James as well as DC leadership show how they see DCU through their creative lens.” “‘Black Adam’ got caught within a vortex of new leadership,” Johnson stated when Hart asked how it felt for the series to end.

“That continues to be a single of the great mysteries,” said Johnson. “This is the biggest chance of your life. Yes, there was no China, which might have brought in maybe 100 as well as 200 million dollars more.

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You have a character and want the brand to grow. The world went crazy when you brought return Superman as well as Henry Cavill. And we made a portfolio of different kinds of superheroes. In “Black Adam,” for example, there are only black men and women.

Black Adam Earned More Than $400 Million World Wide:

“Black Adam” launched to a big $67 million, which was a career high for Johnson and a lot more than what “The Flash” made this year with $55 million. But the movie didn’t do well at the box office, and it didn’t earn more than $400 million internationally.

Johnson said that the end of “Black Adam” was like a new owner purchasing an NFL team as well as saying, “Not my coach, rather than my quarterback.” No matter how many rings you have or the number of times you win the Super Bowl, you’re going with someone else.”

Within December Johnson Told Fans On Social Media That He Has A Conversation Alongside Gunn And Safran:

Johnson told fans on social media in December that he had talked to Gunn and Safran, the new heads of DC Comics, and stated that “Black Adam 2 was off the table for now.”

He said that the character “is not going to appear within the initial chapter of storytelling,” yet DC and his production business, Seven Bucks, “have promised to keep looking into the best ways Black Adam can be used throughout subsequent DC multiverse chapters.”

Johnson later told that all he and the other people who worked on “Black Adam” could do was put their best foot forward, collaborate with the most talented people, and make the best movie they could.

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DC And Seven Bucks Will Continue To Find Ways To Utilize Black Adam Throughout Subsequent DC Universe Publications:

“People gave us a score in the 90s. Critics took a few shots, but that’s just how it goes in business.” Within December 2022, Johnson said that work on a sequel to Black Adams had stopped and would not start again soon.

Johnson said within a statement at the time, “James Gunn and I talked, as well as Black Adam will not be within the initial chapter of storytelling.” “But DC as well as Seven Bucks have agreed to keep looking for the best ways to use Black Adam in future DC multiverse books.”