Dying Light 2 surprises with the duration of the game: prepare hundreds of hours if you are completeists


The studio has joked equating completing the game with the time it would take us to walk from Warsaw to Madrid.

The beginning of 2022 is reminding us to put many dates on the calendar, there are many great games that are crowding this year and one of the closest is Dying Light 2 Stay Human. The sequel to the hit game zombie survival and open world It is presented as the most desired title for Steam users, even above Elden Ring.

Techland knows that the expectation is high and has decided to share some interesting data regarding the duration of the game that has caused quite a stir. The team confirmed from the game’s Twitter account that we would need 500 hours to complete the game “almost the time it would take to walk from Warsaw to Madrid.”

The main story and its secondary missions would take us about 100 hoursThe surprising figures caused various reactions among users, some hinted that this duration would only have to do with traveling the map and not with the campaign, while others showed some concern about the large number of hours they would need. The company took advantage of user comments to better specify the duration for the different ways of playing a Dying Light 2 Stay Human.

The team has confirmed that 500 hours of gameplay is all about getting the most out of the game, “finishing all the missions, endings and exploring every part of the world”, however, for a player who does not seek to complete the title at that level, the time to finish the story by doing side quests and exploring enough would be around 100 hours. In short, not inconsiderable figures for a sequel that we have already been able to play and promises to return in a big way.

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