Dying Light 2’s sandbox action is submitted to the verdict of the readers, has it lived up to the task?


After a long wait, on February 4 Dying Light 2: Stay Human finally hit stores for PC, PlayStation and Xbox, inviting us to survive, day and night, in a city full of zombies and some other danger just as it did so well the first video game in the series seven years ago. Gets it? As a reader you have the last word in its final verdict.

No less than seven years have passed since the release of Dying Light, an open-world zombie action video game where Techland demonstrated that the good feelings with the genre and theme shared with Dead Island were not by chance. So much so that the news of the presentation of its sequel, Dying Light 2: Stay Human, immediately raised the desire of the fans to soon have the adventure on their PCs and consoles. However, its development was longer than expected, with long months of silence from the offices of the Polish team, some other delay and many doubts generated among the fans: Would the video game live up to the initial hype?

To see it, as always, we turn to a tool that is very successful among you: the final verdict. But before voting, we must take a look back not only at our final experience with Dying Light 2: Stay Human, but at all the promises. Starting with its announcement, when its team in charge guaranteed a video game where every action would have its consequences and could significantly change the game, and continuing with its duration, one that caused some controversy a few days after its launch when Techland promised up to 500 hours of fun for all those more completist players. Greater words that now it is up to all of us to value. Is Dying Light 2 a worthy continuation of the first title?

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Dying Light 2: Stay Human

With Dying Light 2: Stay Human Techland had the difficult challenge of offering an experience on a par with what is, for many, one of the best open world experiences with zombies ever developed. The recipe to get it? A larger and more varied experience, where you can find reasons to stay in your city over and over again, but also more fun and fluid thanks to a firm commitment to parkour mechanics. All this while respecting some of the strengths of the first video game.


Dying Light 2's sandbox action is submitted to the verdict of the readers, has it lived up to the task?

  • A city that multiplies the dimensions of the original game scenario.
  • More size, but also more variety: up to seven different regions to explore.
  • A more agile and brutal protagonist thanks to his new movements.
  • A firm commitment to parkour: every inch of the stage is important.
  • A story with multiple endings: a video game where decisions matter.
  • It’s a zombie video game, but the human enemies are also a concern.
  • The cooperative returns, where our friends can shape the city.


Dying Light 2's sandbox action is submitted to the verdict of the readers, has it lived up to the task?

Tymon Smektala, director de gameplay de Dying Light 2: Stay Human en Techland.
“I think the biggest difference with Dying Light is that we’ve created a lot of conflicts with humans; human enemies. They’re not zombies, they think like people and they’re trying to be more skilled and smarter than you. very difficult”.

Julia Szynkaruk, Dying Light 2: Stay Human Associate Producer at Techland. “There will be many more open world events in Dying Light 2. Not only will we have a living world full of encounters, but you will also be able to explore new locations.”

Tymon Smektala, director de gameplay de Dying Light 2: Stay Human en Techland. “We wanted to create a parkour video game that was as close to real parkour as possible. [..] I think everyone will be able [con las mecánicas de parkour] to get around the city easily and feel the freedom and fluidity of movement”.


Dying Light 2's sandbox action is submitted to the verdict of the readers, has it lived up to the task?

3DGAMES: too many problems

Assessment: “Dying Light 2 is fun because that good base was already in the original game. It knows how to compose a zombie game that, when it is proposed, shows good levels with which to develop your parkour skills and, even if it is secondary, He knows how to get more out of night time activities. But I think he suffers from ambition and some design decisions that have created problems in development and ends up taking its toll. The story of the main campaign is not only uninteresting, but with some embarrassing lines Decisions have fewer gameplay consequences than they seem and Techland fails to make them matter Aspects that should have been improved from the original, like combat, barely do, while stealth is anecdotal Others that are improved, like pickup and creation of resources, they can break the rhythm And to all this is added a very poor technical aspect, which could have been greatly improved in the next-gen versions, a dubbing and translation lousy action and constant bug glitches, crashing to the point, as has happened to me, of not being able to continue the game. If you’re lucky and everything goes well, you’ll be able to see the good it has to offer, but the game seems to be trying its hardest not to.”

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DualShockers. “There’s no doubt about it, Dying Light 2: Stay Human is a sequel of epic proportions. Everything that fans of the original title loved is still very much here, but now with a bigger story, new features and a vast world.” open space full of places to explore and loot.”

TheSixthAxis. “Dying Light 2 expands and streamlines the formula that has made Techland so successful since Dead Island. This new installment learns a lot from the latest open-world video games, and its massive zombie-infested map rarely feels empty, especially when you’re traversing the block-by-block city in a similar way to Mirror’s Edge. However, Dying Light 2 inherits the same problems of yesteryear: a boring story, exhausting combat, and a slow progression system.”

VGC. “It seems as if Dying Light 2 lost its direction somewhere along the way. It starts out as an interesting zombie video game where its threat feels palpable, its protagonist weak, and its world poised to tell a dynamic story. However, the further you go, many of its early ideas feel abandoned in favor of a generic plot, boring combat, and a complete absence of danger.”

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Dying Light 2's sandbox action is submitted to the verdict of the readers, has it lived up to the task?


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