Dynamo Dresden: Personal worries in the storm before the game against Viktoria Cologne!


Dresden – Even more worries for Markus Beginning (48)! After the injury-related absence of Paul Will (23) and Michael Akoto (25) the gap in defensive midfield is well known. But currently it looks like that Dynamo Dresden now even the strikers go out.

Stefan Kutschke (34, right) and Manuel Schäffler (34) could not train fully on Thursday.

Stefan Kutschke (34, right) and Manuel Schäffler (34) could not train fully on Thursday. © Lutz Hentschel

“Manuel Schäffler didn’t train at all or only a little during the week and only took part in part of it today. Stefan Kutschke had problems yesterday and only trained part of it today, just like Dennis Borkowski,” said Beginning.

“Jakob Lemmer was hit on the foot and had to sit out,” said Dynamo’s coach in a slightly depressed voice at the press conference on Thursday before the home game against Viktoria Köln. “Now we have to see how that develops.”

Will Dynamo have a striker problem on Saturday? Because with Christian Conteh (23) there would only be a nominal attacker in the squad. “I can’t answer that until the weekend,” he said at first.

Bitter: Dynamos Kutschke awarded the penalty to win!
Dynamo Dresden
Bitter: Dynamos Kutschke awarded the penalty to win!

Nevertheless, the 48-year-old is quite optimistic that he will not be left completely blank in attack against Viktoria.

“We use the day with the treatment, tomorrow they can do a bit more and then we’ll see how we split it up. I’ll take it upon myself.”

Jongmin Seo (20) took a hit.

Jongmin Seo (20) took a hit. © Lutz Hentschel

But that’s not all. In addition to Will, Akoto, Robin Becker (26) and Luca Herrmann (23), who were injured for a longer period of time, Jongmin Seo (20) is also missing.

The South Korean took a hit on a plate he has in his foot. “That reacted so that he had problems,” explained Beginning. Jonathan Meier (23) is also suspended due to his fifth yellow card.

In addition, Dynamo’s coach also gave an update on Will’s injury status: “He’s fine, but he can’t perform and has to walk on crutches,” explained Beginning.

Dynamo's tragic hero: Kutschke "eats itself"
Dynamo Dresden
Dynamo’s tragic hero: Kutschke “eats himself”

“Everything is broken, but nothing completely broken. It just takes time.”

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