E3 2021 could be fully digital and first plans for the event revealed


Nothing is closed yet, as the support of the main companies in the video game industry is lacking. However, the organizer of E3, the Entertainment Software Association (ESA), is pushing plans for the E3 2021 be a digital event that can be held this coming summer.

Very important news, considering that in 2020 the in-person event was canceled, and it was not replaced by an online event. In any case, the organization’s plans have been revealed. And although there is a lack of data to know, they do point to an interesting “reinvention” of the concept that we all know.

The news has come through E3 2021 documents sent to game publishers and viewed by the VGC medium. And in them, ESA describes its proposals for this year’s event, which would have three days of live coverage during the previously announced dates (June 15-17, 2021).

Moreover, the documents also confirm that ESA’s intention is to hold several two-hour presentation sessions with the game publishers. There would also be some sort of awards show, a preview night on June 14, and other smaller broadcasts from game publishers, influencers, and more.

Finally, the broadcast event would be complemented with advancements in the media the week before the start. And best of all, and probably the most “reinvented” would be the release of demos on the various consumer platforms. All this, obviously, according to the ESA proposal.

Essentially, all E3 2021 plans still require approval from the member companies of the ESA itself, which is made up of the largest gaming companies in the industry and has significant influence over the direction of the program. Lastly, according to VGC, Geoff Keighley has confirmed that, again, he will not be involved with E3. In addition, it will continue with its particular Summer Game Fest, which premiered in 2020.

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