E3 2021: the face-to-face event would have already been canceled


According to documents from the city of Los Angeles, the “face-to-face” event at E3 has been officially canceled this 2021.

As VGC has reflected, a new report published by the Los Angeles tourism, conventions and development commission already treats the cancellation of the physical event of E3 2021 as a fact, indicating that the city is already working with a production team on options. for broadcasts from LA. In addition, they work with the ESA on licenses for 2022 and 2023.

It is also indicated by the ESA that 2021 will take place, but that what they will do is transform the experience for this 2021.

“We can confirm that we are going to transform the E3 experience this year 2021 and that we will soon be able to share details on how we will bring the celebration to the entire gaming community,” said an ESA spokesperson. “We have good contacts with distributors, developers and companies in all sectors, and we hope to share details about their involvement shortly.”

Many had already (or had) assumed that this year’s E3 was going to go digital again due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but the ESA had not made it official as of yet.

More information from VGC also reveals that in some documents related to E3 they already address multiple keynote sessions of a couple of hours by the developers, an awards ceremony, a preview night on June 14 and other smaller streams for distributors , influencers and brands.

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