EA confident in the future of BioWare despite the departure of personnel


Following the departure of the former general manager of BioWare, Casey Hudson and Mark Darrah, Dragon Age executive producer, EA reaffirms to its investors that they have full confidence in the future of the developer.

During the third quarter earnings report, CEO Andrew Wilson responded to a question from one of the investors regarding the recent departure of key members of the BioWare team, following criticism of the study in recent years.

“I think there have been some problems in the last two years, but that has had the effect of more investment in innovation and creativity, and we are very confident in their roadmap,” he said. “We have talked about their games in the future like Dragon Age and Mass Effect.”

“Regarding the departure of Casey and Mark, both good friends of mine, we have had great respect for both of them. But it happens in the natural course of creative organizations at times, and we feel very good about the leadership that the studio has. . “

Hudson and Darrah exited the studio in December, leaving Samantha Ryan in the general role and Christian Dailey in charge of Dragon Age. Matthew Goldman continues as creative director on the same project and Mike Gamble is in charge of Mass Effect: Legendary Edition.

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