EA confirms the hacking of several accounts in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team and they claim to be investigating the problem


Hackers have managed to access other people’s profiles from an official company platform, the EA Help chat.

We cannot say that EA had a bad 2021, as its FIFA 22 has become one of the most popular titles of the moment. However, it seems that the company has not entered 2022 on the right foot, as it has come face to face with an irruption in its security system. In this sense, several users of FIFA 22 Ultimate Team have denounced the hacking your accounts, which leads to the loss of coins, players and a lot of effort.

We have been informed of recent account hijacking attempts and we are currently investigatingSHEAnd we are not talking about practically empty accounts, as The Mirror reports that profiles of streamers and content creators dedicated to this game. It turns out that the problem comes from the chat of EA Help, the company’s official platform to solve various player problems. Here, several hackers have managed to access other people’s profiles by only entering a nick or a PSN ID (associated with an EA account) and claiming the change of email address in order to reset passwords.

FIFA 22: Ultimate Team

After this, several streamers in the sector have denounced the situation in networks: “I intend to take legal action, they have given my account to a random person through the chat, a clear breach in the data protection laws “, explains the player Fut Donkey. “I told EA chat 2 times to add notes to my account because I was being the target of hackers so no data changes, and they still have. I haven’t been able to do anything else and I really shouldn’t have done anything. Is basic security, It’s disgusting”.

With the problem still active, EA has assured The Mirror that they are working on solving the hacks: “We have been informed of recent attempts to hijack accounts and currently we are investigating“And the fact is that EA’s proposals not only attract players during the year, but also stand out at Christmas, something that has been demonstrated again with the success of FIFA 22 and Just Dance 2022. However, we will have to see how it protects players who more time They have invested in their titles.

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