EA continues to trust Battlefield: twist on the saga and long-term plan with Battlefield 2042


Electronic Arts CEO Andrew Wilson is banking on Vince Zampella as series director.

Historically, the Battlefield saga has been one of the most important not only for the industry, but for the interests of Electronic Arts. With Battlefield 2042, the franchise has reached a point of no return, registering an unprecedented drop in players in recent months.

Despite everything, in statements collected by VGC on the occasion of the presentation of the company’s financial results for the last quarter, Andrew Wilson has wanted to insist on the last installment of the series. In fact, the CEO of Electronic Arts assures that there is long term plans with the shooter.

Asked if the drop in players will cause them to drop support for Battlefield 2042, Wilson says: will continue to support the game. “They’ve been making thousands of updates for the community and working on quality of life improvements to refine the core of the game. We still have some work to do,” he explains.

Battlefield 2042

Also, the CEO wanted to show his support for the new direction of Battlefield, which is in charge of Vince Zampella after replacing Oscar Gabrielson. “We have a amazing leadership on the team now“They’re flipping the development process on its head and using a Vince Zampella/Respawn-style model to get to the fun as quickly as possible.”

Battlefield will be important for many yearsAndrew WilsonOn the saga in general, Wilson believes that they will be able to return to the top. “It is one of the great franchises in our industry, built by one of the best teams in the industry (DICE), and our expectations are that will keep growing“, he comments. “He will be an important part of our lineup for many years to come.”

Finally, they wanted to refer to a Battlefield Mobile that, despite not officially appearing on the calendar that the company has shared with investors, will be released in late 2022 or early 2023, after a period of testing on iOS and Android. Alongside it will be more EA titles that are yet to be announced, including a remake and a major IP tie-in project.

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